Office of Academic Counseling and Student Success Personnel

Westchester Community College faculty in the Center for Student Success are dedicated, committed professionals. They are the advisor, the teacher, the career counselor, the mentor. In all roles they guide the student toward the desired academic goal. As effective Counselors, they understand the uniqueness of the diverse student population and the vast differences in culture, language, socioeconomic status and academic preparation. By listening and assessing the students’ strengths and weaknesses they are able to achieve short -term and long -term goals.

To schedule an appointment with a Counselor please call 914-606-6381




Student Access, Involvement & Success

Ellen Zendman, Acting Director STC 206 914-606-6733
Department Receptionist/Assistants
Joan Williams (Secretary) STC 222 914-606-6381
Theresa Leahy (Secretary) STC 222 914-606-6760
Accent on Success
Rita Glaser STC 214 914-606-6761
Christine Thomas STC 226 914-606-6458
Career Services
Gelaine Willlams (Coordinator) STC 212 914-606-6727
Susan Hacker  STC 281 914-606-6590
Marilyn Merker  STC 281 914-606-8574
Joseph Goldstein (Technician) STC 218 914-606-7865
Developmental Students
Damian Trombetta STC 227 914-606-7755

Educational Opportunity Program

Rafael Rodriguez (Director) STC 221 914-606-6904
Alfred Quinones (Administrative Assistant) STC 222 914-606-6688

General Counselors

Iskra Hernández STC 205 914-606-7947
Laura Milhaven STC 225 914-606-7752
Gwen Roundtree-Evans CLA 3 914-606-6581
Jacob Wilson STC 210  914-606-6063

Health Science Students

Sabrina Hochberg
 (Nursing, Rad. Tech, Respiratory Care, etc.)
SCI 356 914-606-6381(To Make an Appointment)

Transfer Services

Robin Graff (Coordinator) STC 213 914-606-7756
Gina Immucci STC 281 914-606-6504

TRIO/Support Services 

Rita Samet-Slavin (Director) SCI 355 914-606-8523
Noelle Bucci SCI 336 914-606-8916
Tracy Adams (Junior Office Assistant) SCI 329 914-606-8525

Adjunct Counselors

Ron Brown STC 209
David Byrnes STC 209
Michell Espinosa STC 209
Thomas Nugent STC 209
Ashlee Pierce STC 209
Kevin Slavin STC 209
Kim Smith STC 211
Serena Stingone STC 209
Carol Tillman STC 209
Donald Weigand STC 209
Extension Site Counselors
Iskra Hernández Cross County / Evening Mon. Tue. Wed. 914-606-7100
Gwen Roundtree-Evans Cross County / Evening Thurs. 914-606-7100
Rita Glaser Peekskill / Evening Wednesday 914-606-7300
Ginny Falcone Ossining / Evening Wednesday 914-606-7400
Rafael Rodriguez Mount Vernon / Evening Mon. Wed. Thurs 914-606-7200
Gwen Roundtree-Evans Mount Vernon / Evening Tues. 914-606-7200