Faculty/Student Mentor Program (Connections)

  • I’d like someone to help me navigate my way on campus.
  • I perform better when someone is cheering me on.
  • I would like advice on juggling my studies and work commitments.
  • I wish I had someone special I could discuss these issues with.

The Connections Program offers Westchester Community College students the opportunity to develop a relationship with a faculty member who can become a role model and advocate for the student by offering support and counsel. Mentoring can take several forms including career exploration and life skills development. By pairing volunteer faculty or staff members with students over the course of a school year, with scheduled meetings in a comfortable environment, the students will be given the opportunity to talk about his or her academic needs, share his or her goals, and discuss concerns and needs.

How To Join
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Find Out More
For more information, please contact:

Paula Dambroff –  Chairperson Gateway – S231 914-606-6506
Prof. Ava Drutman AAB 524 914-606-6927
Prof. Kamil Hamaoui CL 29 914-606-6757
Prof. Gloria Meisel Library 914-606-6968
Prof. Hildy Oberstein HS 15 914-606-7828
Prof. Shaun Rajan TEC 119 914-606-8802
Prof. Jody Reifenberg SCI 319 914-606-6939
Prof. Patricia Sehulster AAB 532 914-606-7806
Prof. John Watkins CL 27 914-606-8519


Student Assistance
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