Academic Support Center (ASC) – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the ASC?
Our goal is to help students become successful, confident, independent learners.  Therefore, the ASC provides ongoing tutorial assistance for students taking remedial/developmental and college courses in Math, Reading, ESL, Science, and Writing.

What courses do you provide tutorial services for? 
The ASC provides tutorial services for Pre-Algebra, Beginning Algebra, College Algebra: Functions and Models, College Algebra w/Trig, Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning,  Foundations of College Reading, Analytical Reading, Introduction to Academic Writing I & II, Upper Level ESL Institute courses, General Biology I/II, Biological Science I/II, Principles of Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry I/II, Anatomy and Physiology I/II, Microbiology, Non-major Physical Sciences, Respiratory Care and Foods/Nutrition, Writing for College I/II, Writing and Research, Writing and Literature, and papers in all disciplines, Intro Computing Concepts, Computer Programming I/II, Linux Operating System, Java Programming, GUI Development, & Computer Architecture.

Where is the ASC located? 
For Math, Reading, ESL, and Computer Science come to the Library – ground floor. The Science Tutorial is located in the Science Building Room 219.  The Writing Tutorial is located in the Library – ground floor, room G-13.

Can I drop in or do I need an appointment? 
You can drop in, no appointment is needed.  Please note, it is important to sign-in and out on the computer at the front desk when you come. Your instructor will get a copy of an attendance record.

Tell me about the tutors in the ASC 
Most of our tutors are Senior Tutors, all have Baccalaureate degrees, many have Masters Degrees and are adjunct instructors.  We have several Peer Tutors on staff who are currently students at Westchester Community College. Some of our Tutors are Westchester Community College Foundation Volunteers.

Does the ASC have computers? What can I use them for? 
Students can use our computers to do their schoolwork.  Students can also use our software to supplement classes.

The following programs are available:

  1. Focus on Grammar: designed to improve writing and grammar skills, primarily for ESL students.
  2. Easy Writer: intended for ESL and English students to improve their writing and grammar skills.
  3. Students also have access to MyMathLab on the Internet.

We also use the computer to conduct workshops for various Math, Reading and ESL classes.

Are Math classes taught in the ASC? 
Yes, there are several sections of Pre-Algebra and Beginning Algebra classes taught by faculty using MyMathLab and tutorial assistance.

How are these classes different from traditional Math classes? 
Students learn independently at their own pace, with a combination of teaching, tutoring and use of technology instruction.

I have heard that the ASC offers Test Anxiety workshops. What are these? 
These workshops are designed to reduce test anxiety, improve test taking skills and increase test confidence. Topics include:

  1. Reducing Test Anxiety
  2. How to Study for Tests
  3. How to Take Tests
  4. Memory Skills

Call or stop by for a schedule or click here.

Do you offer any other kinds of workshops? 
Yes, we also offer:

  1. Final Exam Q&A workshops for Math and Reading at the end of the semester.
  2. Exploring the process of writing workshops.

Are there other tutorials at Westchester Community College? Where are they located? 
Yes, there are several other tutorial services here at Westchester Community College.

  1. Accounting, located in Classroom Building C315.
  2. CIS Tutorial for students in word-processing, spreadsheets, database programs, programming languages and CIS courses. This tutorial is located in the Classroom Building C315.
  3. Language Learning Lab and English for the Foreign Born Tutorial, an audio tutorial for languages, is located in Gateway Center 235.
  4. Open Computer Lab, which serves all computer functions, is in the Library G14.
  5. Mathematics and Physics Tutorial is located in the Technologies Building 37.
  6. Extension Centers Tutorial Services.  Tutoring is available in Mount Vernon, Ossining, Peekskill, and Yonkers, Cross County. For more information, please call 914-606-7220.