Summer 2016 Youth Program at Peekskill

Why you should enroll in the ART|SCI Institute of Westchester Community College, Center for the Digital Arts?

  • I’m a young person, between the ages of seven and seventeen, with a curiosity and passion for arts and technology.
  • I like to spend time on the computer playing games, searching for interesting things on the Internet, and learning.
  • I’m interested in learning more about how computers work and how they can be utilized to solve problems, make alternative worlds, and enable me to see things I can’t see any other way. In addition, I’m interested in science and how our world is evolving into the future.
  • I like to think about how to make the world a better place and be happier in it.
  • I’m serious about my work and would like to develop a portfolio piece that could help me apply to further study in the arts and sciences.
  • I have a great time making my own art and want to learn some more about different materials and

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Summer Program Application

Required Check-in Information Forms for Summer Program