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Welcome to the Peekskill Extension Center located at 27 North Division Street, please click here for directions. The Peekskill Team wishes you a successful semester and thanks you for teaching at our location.

Below are some FAQs and helpful tips to facilitate your teaching experience.

Adjunct/Overload Sick Leave
Center for the Digital Arts Information SheetCenter for the Digital Arts Lab Rules

  • What do I do during inclement weather? You may call our Snow Emergency number for cancellation 914-606-6900 or see homepage. Click here to find out about cancellations.

  • This is a reminder of the internal process for ensuring that students are promptly informed if a professor cancels (or is running late to) a class.  Instructors must call their specific division office as well as the Peekskill Center (914-606-7301). Peekskill Center staff will post signs announcing delay/cancellation.If the Center doesn’t receive prior notice of a cancellation/delay and instructor doesn’t show on time, then center staff will call the division to find out if they know if the class is cancelled/delayed and to alert the division on status. Should a class not have been previously notified of the cancellation (or if delay is long and students decide not to wait), Center staff will have them sign-in and leave the sheet for the instructor to know who came to class.Instructors must post a message on Blackboard informing students. It’s also suggested that they have readings and/or alternate instructional material for students to review. Instructors can also email the students directly using the email feature in Blackboard. Instructors should contact their individual Department Chair and inform them of how the class will be made up and/or SLOs covered.
  • How do I apply to teach at the Peekskill Extension Center?  Contact the Department Chair where you want to teach.  For new non-credit course proposals you may email your proposal to the Director or see the Continuing Education web site.

  • I just got hired how do I get processed to start teaching and get paid? If you were hired by an academic department or an Extension Center you will need to go to the Human Resource Department on the main campus with the correct documentation, as well as, complying with the fingerprinting process. You will need a social security card, picture ID, official sealed transcripts, and your completed packet to take to Human Resources in Valhalla, Administration Building floor 1 (park in parking lot #1). When your paperwork is processed, you will be added to the payroll. The payroll department handles direct deposit and changes you make to your exemptions for Federal/State taxes and enrolling in a voluntary retirement account.

  • What is People Soft and how do I access my account? People Soft is the college’s new web-based information management system that handles everything from registration to attendance, rosters, grades, etc. All faculty now have a MyWCC account in our new People Soft system and a college email address. You can access your People Soft account anywhere you have Internet access by going to the college homepage and clicking on the MyWCC cube at the bottom of the page. Please activate your college account at MyWCC Portal, as soon as, possible by following the directions below. You will need your user ID (see below) to create your password and answer security questions in order to gain access to college services.

What will I need to do with my MyWCC account in People Soft?
1. View my course schedule
2. Download my roster
3. Report Attendance
4. Submit Grades

  • How can my students order their books? They may purchase books online or go in person to the Valhalla Bookstore next to the student center.

  • How do students get their grades? Students no longer receive paper grades. They can access their grades from their MyWCC account. They may also print an unofficial transcript.
  • How do my students get extra help?  Academic tutors in English and Math will be available at the Peekskill Extension Center. A tutoring schedule will be distributed to both faculty and students near the beginning of the semester. Students can also utilize the services offered at the academic center at the library on the Main Campus.

  • When do I get paid? As an adjunct, you will receive adjunct News and Views Bulletins which contain important information regarding your pay schedule. If you don’t receive that schedule, the Administrative Office has a Pay Day schedule. Only your department can inform you when you can anticipate receiving your first check.

  • Where do I pick up my check?  All faculty must sign up with iPay to receive electronic payment and statements.  You must first establish direct deposit (forms available at the Peekskill front office) with the college and then sign-up for WCC iPay, see  If you need further assistance please call or stop by the front office 914-606-7301 or contact payroll 914-606-6682. *If you do not complete this process you will have to go to the Valhalla campus payroll department to pick up your check in person.

  • My check is wrong what do I do? Contact the academic department that hired you to resolve any issue you have with your check. Faculty may contact the Payroll Office at 914-606-6682, as soon as possible to resolve any issue you have with your check (please provide a copy of your pay stub).
  • Faculty copiers now require an activated faculty ID which may be obtained from the campus security office located on the main campus Student Center. Please stop by the Front Office for instructions on how use them.
  • Where is my mailbox? Your mailbox is located in the Administrative Office near the copier. Please check your mailbox mail and other information on a weekly basis.

  • Course evaluations occur online and faculty will receive the link with instructions, as soon as, it is available by email.

  • How do I request Audio Visual equipment?  It would be ideal if you are able to give the Administrative Office one week’s notice when requesting the use of Audio Visual equipment. The minimum notice we need is three days. Please inform us if you will need the Audio Visual Equipment by calling 914-606-7305. You do not need to request the equipment every class if you use it on a recurring basis.   You may also place requests by email at

  • I need computer with Internet access? All Faculty Stations in the Mac Labs have Internet access. Apple student workstations on the first floor do not have internet access enabled except in B-Lab which has full time Internet access at all stations.  PC lab 203 on the second floor also has Internet access at each station.

  • How do I get established on the network? See the tech office for a network request form and fill it out. Hand it in to the Tech Office at your convenience, see attached PDF forms with network instructions and account request form. To contact the Tech Office call 914-606-7304 or email
    Network Instructions
    Network Request Form

  • How do I check out production equipment?  Please see attached PDF forms with equipment request check-out instructions and form.  For further information stop by the Tech Office or contact Lise Prown at 914-606-7304 or  Please make sure to make reservations in advance. Equipment Loan Policy
  • For more information about the Westchester Community College Computer Policy please click here.

  • How do I find out when open lab time is available for my students? Stop by the Tech Office and pick up a current Lab Schedule. These schedules are subject to change so please check with the Lise Prown, 914-606-7304 or, if you need to reserve a lab for a special purpose i.e.  makeup class.

  • How can a student take a course for no credit (NC)? In your faculty packet, there’s a form to use when a student wants to audit your class. Once you and the student sign the request to audit course form submit it to the Administrative Office no later than the fourth week of the semester and we’ll forward it to the Dean for their signature.

  • How can I process an incomplete for a student?  You’ll need to receive approval from the Division Dean in order to award an “I” grade.  Please complete the required paperwork; a supplement to the change of grade form and the request for changing the student’s grade which are available in the Administrative Office. *Faculty please note:  these forms must be carefully filled out, please print legibly and provide your contact details. In addition, a clear statement explaining why you are requesting a change of grade needs to be attached. Medical documentation is required, as well as, a clearly defined plan and timeline for make-up. These forms are then sent to the Chair of the Academic Department for review.  *Please reach out to your Chairperson if you think you will be needing to request an incomplete for one of your students.

  • How can I process a change of grade for a student? See above.

  • What happens if I am unexpectedly sick and must be absent from class?
    Adjunct faculty are entitled to one paid sick day per course per semester. You must also complete an Adjunct/Overload Sick Leave Form, please contact your Department Chair with make-up plan or request for substitution.

  • What happens if I have a student with a behavior problem in my class? Please note that there are emergency phones on the second floor – just dial x7301 for help. We have a security guard stationed at the back door in the evenings. Front office staff and tech support are available to support you as well. If it is not “an emergency” but a consistent behavioral problem see information below. (*also note: campus security emergency is 606-6911).If you encounter any behavior problems with students in your classroom, it’s important that you contact the Extension Director or Assistant Director promptly. Directors will assist you in liaising with appropriate support personnel. The Department Chair and the Director of Counseling, Ruben Barato, 914-606-6777.

  • How do I get listed on the Peekskill Faculty Page and the Center for Digital Arts brochure? Please email the Director your 3-5 line bio and a jpg of your work at

  • How can I get assistance during instruction with equipment? Just stop by the tech office on the first floor or email 

  • How can I get up-to-speed with the latest software upgrades for a digital arts course? Contact the tech office for support at 606-7304 or email

  • What is the evacuation plan for the center? We have two fire drills semester to ensure that faculty and students are familiar with our evacuation procedures. You may also request a copy of the Westchester Community College Evacuation Instructions from the Director at

  • How can I learn about Peekskill Exhibitions and Events? Contact for further information. In addition, we have Center for Digital Arts brochures listing the current gallery/lecture series. If you’re on our mailing list you’ll receive a brochure and if we have your email address, you’ll receive our constant contact emails with notices on the upcoming events at the Peekskill site.  If you are not on our mailing list sign up now or email with your contact info.

  • Technical Policies for FacultyFor more information about the Peekskill Extension Center please click here.

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