Mount Vernon Academic Support Center Workshop Offerings

Workshops are offered to assist students in specific subject areas as well as in
developing skills essential for success in college. These are FREE to current
students and are a great learning experience!

Spring 2017 Workshop Offerings


Highlighting & Annotating: This workshop will explain how you can use the format of a textbook to highlight and make margin notes, leading to greater retention.

Successful Study Skills: A successful student needs successful study skills relating to time management, organization and attitude. This workshop helps you access what is in your skills toolbox.

Out of the Text:Creating outlines, maps and summaries from your textbook reading engages your mind.  This workshop offers methods to make the information your own.

Developing an Essay: When asked to write are you confused about how to proceed? Try this workshop to work on strategies of brainstorming, thesis, topic sentence, details, transitions and revisions.

Reducing Test Anxiety:  Anxiety can negatively affect your performance on an exam.  This workshop will give you strategies on how to reduce test anxiety before the test day, on the test day and during the test.

Workshops are offered by appointment. Group workshops are encouraged.
Visit us in Room 119 or call 914-606-7216 to schedule a workshop.