Mount Vernon Academic Support Center Workshop Schedule

The Mount Vernon Academic Support Center offers FREE workshops to assist with study skills.

If you are interested in participating in a workshop, please register by emailing Amy Jenal at or call Amy at 606-7219. Please be specific in your selection of workshop topic, date, time and location and please leave your contact information. You will receive a confirmation email reply.

Spring 2015 Extension Center Workshops – FREE for registered students

3 student minimum for workshops. Walk-ins welcome!

Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
February 16“Successful Study Skills”

5:30 pm  Mount Vernon

February 18“Successful Study Skills”

5:30 pm  Yonkers

February 19  February 21“Successful Study Skills”

12:00 pm  Mount Vernon

February 23“Highlighting & Annotating”

12:00 pm Mount Vernon    

5:30 pm  Peekskill  

February 25  February 26“Highlighting & Annotating”

1:30 pm Yonkers     

5:30 pm Mount Vernon   

  February 28
March 30“Developing an Essay”

5:30 pm  Mount Vernon   



April 1“Out of the Text”

(outline, summary, mapping)

12:00 pm  Mount Vernon

“Developing an Essay”

2:00 pm  Yonkers    

April 2“Developing an Essay”

5:30 pm  Peekskill   


April 4“Developing an Essay”

12:00 pm  Mount Vernon


April 6“Developing an Essay”

Center for the Arts

12:30 pm

April 8 “Out of the Text”

(outline, summary, mapping)

12:00 pm      Yonkers

April 9   April 11

Descriptions of the Extension Center 45 minute Workshops:

Highlighting & Annotating – Textbooks contain important information. How can you use the format of a textbook to highlight and make margin notes, to better retain information?

Successful Study Skills – A successful student needs successful study skills relating to time management, organization and attitude. This workshop helps you access what is in your skills toolbox.

Out of the TEXT – Creating outlines, maps and summaries from your textbook reading engages your mind. This workshop offers methods to make the information your own.

Developing an Essay – When asked to write are you confused about how to proceed? Try this workshop to work on strategies of brainstorming, thesis, topic sentence, details, transitions and revision.