Mount Vernon Academic Support Center (MVASC)

Contact Information
Call 1-914-606-7220

The Mount Vernon Academic Support Center (MVASC) is open to all Westchester Community College students. MVASC tutors assist students in building academic skills and offering support and encouragement to students as they develop into active and independent learners. Free tutoring is available in the subjects listed below.

92, 93, 94, 117, 130, 135,
140 (Tu./Th. Only),
161 (Tu./Th. Only)
93, 105 91. 92. 101, 102,
ESL 94, 122
Papers in all disciplines

For students who have been accepted to Westchester Community College
and want to review prior to taking the placement exam.

Monday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesday 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Thursday 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


There are additional tutoring services for a variety of subject in Valhalla, Yonkers, Peekskill and Ossining.  Information on these tutorials can be found here:

Tutoring for all other college level math courses is available at the Mathematics/Physics tutorial center in the Technology Building in room G37 at the Valhalla campus. Information for the Math/Physics tutorial center can be found at:

In addition, the following services are offered at the MVASC:

  • Preparation for the Nursing Teas Exam in Math, Reading and English.  This is available to current Westchester Community College students who have met all their pre-requisites to get into the nursing program and are ready to review.
  • Preparation for the Accuplacer Placement Exam.  This is available to students who have applied and been accepted to the college and would like to review for the placement exam.
  • Fall and Spring Math Final Exam Review Workshops.  This is available to all current Westchester Community College students.
  • Fall and Spring Study Skills Workshops.  This is available to all current Westchester Community College students.


Group Tutoring
Group tutoring is available for all students free of charge.  No appointment is necessary.  Please check FAQ’s for a list of courses tutored.

Study Group Sessions
These are student-directed sessions where students work collaboratively with others who are enrolled in the same course. Although group members work independently, they are able to access tutorial assistance as needed.

Workshops are held throughout the semester. Please check Workshops for a list of upcoming workshops.

Please enjoy the Alan & Jacqueline Stuart Endowed Faculty Chair lecture by internationally established poet, educator and social justice activist, Aja Monet (April 17, 2017):