Westchester Community College Center for the Arts boasts the most unique college ceramic facility in the county. A 2000 square-foot ceramics lab is fully equipped to support throwing, hand-building, and plaster mold work. The lab features over twenty electric pottery wheels, a spray booth for glaze, and a slab roller. Extensive indoor kiln facilities, managed by a master ceramic technician, support both faculty and students. The kiln facility houses a large downdraft gas fired kiln and four large electric kilns. The ceramics program features a comprehensive supply of materials and tools students may purchase on site for their needs.

Ceramic Laboratory Equipment:

21 potters wheels (8 electric, 12 electric-kick, 1 kick wheel)

Bats for potters wheels, plastic and plaster

Slab roller

1 clay extruder

Spray booth and electric compressor

Pug mill

3 wedging boards

2 heavy duty aluminum top work tables

3 heavy duty aluminum top glaze work tables

Exhaust system


Kiln Room Equipment:

50 cubic foot gas powered downdraft car kiln

4 front-loading electric kilns equipped with computerized firing timer

Ball Mill

Large capacity gram scale

Ohaus gram scales

Multiple ware carts

6 Clip lights

Nilfisk G 80 Hepa Vacuum

Double glaze/chemical storage table with hoppers

Exhaust system (includes permanently installed HEPA air cleaning units)