Programming Highlights

Jewelry/Metalsmithing is the sole program of its kind in Westchester. The nearest Jewelry/Metalsmithing college facility is at SUNY New Paltz. As a highly specialized field, jewelry studies require creativity, design skills, and dedicated training. Students at the Center receive the hands-on training to develop the skills necessary to establish a successful career in jewelry making or fine metalworking. Those committed to jewelry/fine metal studies can transfer to two-year or four-year programs at SUNY FIT in New York City, SUNY New Paltz, or Tyler School of Arts, among others. Students have the wonderful opportunity to use facilities that are identical to those in a professional jewelry/fine metal working studio (see section on facilities).

Photography and Digital Graphics serves about 400 students each semester. This is the only photography program of the college. Fifty five percent of the participants are full-time matriculated students taking advantage of these wonderful facilities and programs. Forty five percent of the enrollees are part-time students taking the classes for credit or on a non-credit basis. Among them is a core group of community members—serious and dedicated adult learners—who welcome the opportunity of access to such studies and labs. The department provides a solid foundation of photographic and digital graphic knowledge to all students.

Westchester Community College Center for the Arts boasts the only college ceramic department in the county. It typically serves 200 to 250 students per semester. All teaching members of the department have taught their classes for more than a decade, and have a strong following. Students experience the field of ceramics from both the fine arts and the craft perspective. The extensive list of courses offered provides the traditional student or the ceramic art enthusiast with introductory to advanced classes in clay, glaze formulation, throwing, hand-building, slip-casting, kiln loading, and firing. Students develop technical and conceptual skills studying utilitarian pottery, hand built sculptural work and the making of ceramic tile. The one-on-one teaching also permits the more advanced student to develop a major body of work. Specialized courses, such as Glazes and Firings, offer knowledge of raw materials, the properties of clay and glaze materials, and the loading and handling of kiln firing.