Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez studied art and design at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Cornell University. Additionally, during his time at RISD, he spent a year in Rome, Italy, studying art at the Palazzo Cenci.

While at Cornell he made his first short films “Other Details” and “Left Ten Degrees” which he wrote, directed, photographed and edited.

In 2004 he began showing drawings at Foley Gallery in NYC and had his first solo exhibition “Backdrops and Cameras” in 2005.

He moved permanently to NYC in 2007, and began working as a storyboard artist for Dana Adam Shapiro (“Murderball”) and Rodd Rohal (“The Guatemalan Handshake”) and as an editor for Hearst Corp and various other companies.

In 2009 Martinez worked as the cinematographer on Zachary Volker’s trilogy of short films “Disappearence”, “Wounded Man” and “Burials”. “Disappearence” recently screened at the Raindance Film Festival in London, England.

In 2010 he wrote and directed the short film “Compass” and participated in the “Parallel Lines” competition for RSA and Philips Cinema with his short film “Fwd/Rev.”

At the Center, Martinez teaches Digital Imaging.

Examples of Richard Martinez’s work: 


Examples of Richard Martinez’s students’ work: