Neil Waldman

“Neil Waldman’s highly textured paintings seem to radiate light and atmosphere from within…” -The New York Times

NEIL WALDMAN’S paintings are included in many prestigious collections around the world. His oils, acrylics and watercolors may be seen in the capital buildings of more than a dozen nations, and in numerous major corporations.

His works have garnered many awards and honours. Notable among these is a gold medal from the United Nations in a closed international competition in which Waldman was chosen to represent the United States. The world body selected his entry as the official poster for the International Year of Peace. Today it hangs in the halls of the U. N. General Assembly.

Waldman was commissioned by the American Brands Corporation to paint the portraits of twenty famous Americans for their centennial exhibition “The American Achievers”. This collection travelled to museums, galleries and exhibit halls around the country, and was eventually published in a book of the same name. Waldman has designed postage stamps for thirteen nations and illustrated more than fifty books.

At the Center, Neil teaches Watercolor Painting.

Examples of Neil Waldman’s work:

Artist Statement

When pondering the question, “Who am I?”

I think to myself,

“I am first an artist . . . then a human being, a husband, a father,

a friend, a lover, a teacher, an American, a Jew.”

“Really?” you ask,

and I answer, “Yes, really.”

“But what type of artist are you?”

“A painter, of course. A landscape painter.”

For the earth’s landscapes brighten my darkest caverns

They are the beating of my heart

and their glorious colour is the stuff I breathe

Raging rivers are my life’s blood

Fields of flowers feed me

Twisted trees and mountain meadows heal my deepest wounds

They are like midwives

continually ushering me

into sunsparkled mornings

Teaching Philosophy

Each person possesses a unique perspective, a special way of looking at the world. As art students develop their talents, becoming progressively more and more accomplished in the technical aspects of drawing and painting, their works will begin to reflect their own vision. As a teacher, it is my job to foster and facilitate that growth, helping each and every student to uncover his or her own special gifts.