Nanci J. Milstein Shapiro

I received a BA and an MA in Art History from SUNY Binghamton (Binghamton University). My Masters Thesis was on the American artist Frederick Edwin Church, a second generation Hudson River School painter taught by Thomas Cole, the founder of The Hudson River School. His iconic work Niagara Falls, 1857,Corcoran Galley of Art, Washington, D C. represented the America of Manifest Destiny.

I also have a minor in Greek and Roman Art that comes in handy when I teach The Survey of Art History. Any student of mine will learn about Lord Elgin and The Parthenon Marbles in Art 108 or learn about classical revivals of The Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth and even Twenty-First Centuries in Art 109!

My work on the American artist Ernst Lawson resulted in a mention in William Gerdts’s 1994 Impressionist New York, Abbeville Press.

At the Center, Nanci teaches Art History: Ancient to Medieval (Art 108) and Art History: Renaissance to Modern (Art 109).