The unique jewelry facility at Westchester Community College Center for the Arts affords students the opportunity to work in an environment identical to a professional jewelry/fine metal working studio. The studio includes a lost wax casting work area with centrifugal casting machine, silversmith equipment, enameling facilities with kilns, and sixteen work stations with acetylene torches that support soldering and many other techniques. The complete inventory of machines and hand tools makes this facility unique in Westchester County. Knowledgeable technicians ensure the maintenance of this highly specialized workspace, and monitors facilitate open studio lab time for participants to hone their skills outside of class.

Available Jewelry Equipment: Jewelry1

Acetylene welding stations w/ variable tips available

Rolling mill

2 small electric kilns (Lost Wax Casting)

1 small enameling kiln

Centrifugal casting machine

Vacuum pump

Complete array of hand tools for metals


Flexible shaft rotary tools (5)


Hydraulic bottle jack


Tumblers (2)

Wax Injector

High speed drill press

High powered grinders (2)

Grinder/Buffers (2)

Belt sander

Various metal shaping tools (anvils, stakes, cutters, etc.)

Several vices of varying sizes

Portable projection screen

Exhaust system

Sink trap