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Credits-go-to-The-Cashore-Marionettes-2It’s a magical world of life-sized puppets animated by the masterful manipulation of strings.

Performances are held in the Academic Arts Theatre, in the Hankin Academic Arts Building.

Saturday, February 21
8:00 pm
Award winning artist Joseph Cashore creates and manipulates amazingly lifelike marionettes. This one-of-a-kind performance is a series of scenes taken from everyday life and set to beautiful music by Beethoven,Vivaldi, Strauss and Copland. Through humor, poetic insight, and poignancy, the wonders and mysteries of life are revealed. These vignettes include: a schoolgirl distracted from her homework, a spiritual yogi’s contemplations, a mother rocking her baby, and even an African elephant in mourning. These stories stir the profound in audiences worldwide. (Suitable for 8 years and up!)

Tickets $22 (general admission), $20 (students/seniors/fac-staff), and $16 (children under 13).
Series subscription: $38 (See this show and SALZBURG MARIONETTE THEATER Debussy’s The Toy Box (ballet) for a $6 savings!)

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