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GRANDE ROMANZA – Scenes of Love and Passion from Opera, Operetta & Broadway

Take a musical trek around the iconic sounds of past and present.CARMEN-3_-credit-to-Sonia-Lashua
Performances take place in the Academic Arts Theatre.

Saturday, January 21 – 8:00 pm
Renowned for glorious operatic voices, Stefano and Nina Tanchietti, the magical tenor and soprano duo, portray musical scenes of love and passion from the beloved favorites of Broadway, Operetta and Opera. With vocal virtuosity and spellbinding theatrical portrayals, they demonstrate versatility in dramatization and musicality. Fully staged scenes will be presented.

Tickets are $22 (general admission), $20 (non-WCC students/seniors/fac-staff), $16 (children under 13), and free for WCC credit students with ID.

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Series subscription: $38 (See this show and MAGIC OF MOTOWN for a $6 savings!)


**For more information, please contact the Office of Cultural Affairs at (914) 606-6262.