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Ceramics Workshop: The Tulip Vase

Tulip Vase Ceramic Workshop

Instructor:  Sanam Emami

Center for the Arts, White Plains

Friday, January 17 10:00am – 4:00pm

Fee:  $85 + $8.25

Sanam Emami

In this workshop we will explore the use of pattern in integrating the pot form with its surface. Pattern and decoration not only adorn or embellish, they can also inspire formal decisions. The focus will be on vases with spouts – also known as tulip vases – that were designed to hold an individual flower in each spout or opening. The pottery wheel will be the primary tool for construction, with the addition of some hand building processes. Numerous decorative techniques will be introduced, including stamping, carving, slip decoration and silk screen transfers.

Sanam Emami is a ceramic artist and an Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. She received an MFA in Ceramics from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Her work has been in exhibitions at Red Star Studios, Missouri; Greenwich House Pottery, New York; the Northern Clay Center, Minnesota, and The Art-Stream Nomadic Gallery.