Programs for Older Adults

The Collegium for Lifelong Learning

COLLEGIUM for Lifelong Learning is a membership organization created in 2004 under the aegis of Mainstream by Community College volunteers seeking to combine serious study and social exchange.

Mainstream, the Institute for Mature Adults

Mainstream is an innovator in exciting educational programming and career change options designed for mature adults over 50.  Course topics include skill development for new careers, enrichment and personal growth. Non-credit and credit courses are tailored to meet the needs of mature adults

Senior Audit at Westchester Community College

Senior adults can audit designated credit-bearing classes for a small student fee.

Westchester Community College offers a number of pathways to help you prepare for a new career! You can get the skills and knowledge you need by enrolling in a non-credit program, or earn college credits through one of our degree or certificate programs. Perhaps you are not sure what people do or how much money they earn in certain careers? Would you like to know how many jobs are predicted to be available in a particular industry? Or maybe you are unsure whether receiving a non-credit career certification or license would be right for you? Go to to explore a variety of career opportunities, their associated job descriptions, and salary and employment trends. Complete a career assessment for additional guidance. Still not sure? Visit for more career resources and contacts.