Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Successful organizations thrive because they are well run from a business function and process perspective.  Today’s successful businesses also have the flexibility to adapt to a changing customer and competitive environment.  Their employees are well-motivated, engaged in the work they are doing, and accepting of the changes necessary for the organization to maintain its cutting edge.  They recognize the need for collaboration and teamwork to achieve organization goals.

The Professional Development Center offers a number of programs to help organizations maintain flexibility, adaptability, and their cutting edge:  

Successful Managers Tool Kit– programs or modules to improve managing employees.

The Professional Development Center will customize a program for managers or supervisors to go to the next level.   Since the needs of new and experienced managers are often different and require different emphases, our consultants factor in the background and experience level of the team in program development.  Following are topics that can be included in a program:

  • Managing change
  • Managing a diverse workforce
  • Motivation, leadership styles and their impact on performance
  • Delegating and coaching
  • Team building
  • Goal setting and performance feedback – positive and corrective  

Mini MBA – Bottom Line Mini-MBA Program – for Senior and Mid-level managers.

The Professional Development Center partners with Bottom Line Training and Consulting to run this program.  It has been delivered to thousands of executives throughout the world.  The program is delivered in two modules over a three day period.  Topics include:

  • Basic principles of sound business practices
  • Fundamental building blocks of business: economics, strategy, finance, accounting & marketing
  • Language and skills needed to effectively participate in today’s decision making process
  • Developing the ability to think, adapt and thrive in a changing corporate and economic climate  

Academy for Entrepreneurial Excellence  – for existing businesses ready to move to the next step.

This program is offered in partnership with The Business Council of Westchester.  It is designed for people from established small and medium size businesses that want to move their business to the next level.  It combines executive coaching with a classroom format in which participants are taught by leaders in their fields.  During the 12 session program participants learn from experts, evaluate their business, establish a strategic business plan and work with a coach to apply what they have learned.

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