Business Communications

You and your employees communicate your brand image and professionalism in a variety of ways. These include how they dress; the appearance of brochures, letters, and web pages; the manner in which inbound and outbound telephone calls are handled and the tone and manner reflected in presentations, memos and e-mails.

The Professional Development Center’s Business Communications programs are geared to give your organization the tools necessary to communicate on all platforms – formal and informal.  We offer programs in:

Business Writing – Includes letters of general correspondence, proposals, covering letters for formal contracts, etc.  Also includes letters of first introduction (i.e., to a new customer), follow-up correspondence, and other types of correspondence.

Oral PresentationsThese include a variety of situations and settings, as well as varying levels of formality.

  • Formal presentations may include standing in front of a general audience of fellow employees or “pitching” a few prospective buyers in the company conference room.  They may also include typical one-on-one sales situations, which are often experienced in a manager’s or executive’s office.
  • Knowing how to present yourself and your company, whether in a prepared presentation or in an unplanned context, is key to success.  Similarly, knowing how you are received in different contexts, such as sales vs. service, is an absolute must.

Writing Effective E-MailsThese may include e-mail exchanges between one or more individuals, between peers, or directed primarily to managers and executives one or more levels above.  The “rules” for appropriate use of language in e-mails have evolved from the early days of the internet.  The life of an e-mail as well as its final distribution may extend far beyond what was originally intended.  For these reasons and more, Writing Effective E-Mails is a program that has benefit to employees and managers alike, from day #1.

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