The Performing Arts

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Latin Dancing
Merengue, bachata, cumbia, salsa. No experience necessary; no partner required. Steps broken down to make it easy and comfortable for all to follow.
CE-DANCE 2003, 6 Sun., Jan. 22-Feb. 26, 10:00-11:30 am, AAB-218, $130. F Elia and A Akhu. #13415

Ballroom Dancing: Beginner to Intermediate
Dances include fox trot, waltz, tango, rumba and cha, cha cha. No partner required. Steps broken down to make it easy and comfortable for all to follow.
CE-DANCE 2001, 6 Sun., Mar. 5-Apr. 9, 10:00-11:30 am, AAB-218, $130. F Elia and A Akhu. #13416

Dance It Off with Belly Dancing
Belly dancing workouts relax your mind and flatten your belly. Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a bottle of water, hip scarf, veil and if possible, a pair of cymbals. Acceptable foot attire includes socks or dance slippers. For all experience levels.
CE-DANCE 2002, 5 Sun., Feb. 26-Mar. 26, 1:45-2:45 pm, AAB-218, $60 (+ $15 optional fee for hip scarf, payable to instructor). S Ramos. #13273

Latin Fusion
Spice up your Latin dance as we incorporate other dances such as hip hop, ballroom, modern dance, and much more! Add spice, flavor, and attitude and let loose as you get ready to put a twist on Latin dance like you never have before.
CE-DANCE 2040, 5 Sun., Feb. 26-Mar. 26, 3:00-4:00 pm, AAB-218, $50. S Ramos. #13274

Ballet for Adults and Teens
Explore ballet’s foundations and learn the basics which, when combined, create “dance.” Class sessions will include barre work, center floor, adagio, pirouettes, and petite and grande allegro. Emphasis is on correct body alignment and use of terminology; work on dance combinations to improve technical skill, memory and performance. Bring ballet slippers, tights & leotard or leggings. For beginners and intermediates.
CE-DANCE 2000, 10 Sun., Jan. 22-Apr. 2 (skip 2/19), 11:30 am-1:30 pm, AAB-218, $215. I Kent. #13190

Westchester Community College and Rivertown Dance Academy
are pleased to partner to offer a variety of dance courses.

Rivertown Dance Academy, located at the TTUMC Arts Center in Tarrytown, provides excellence in dance education without cultural or financial barriers. A comprehensive schedule offers a curriculum in ballet, modern, tap, and jazz dance taught by faculty with extensive teaching, performing, and academic credentials. Individual placement classes, and regular progress reports are all part of a Rivertown Dance Academy education.
All classes meet for 10 sessions, are $213, and meet at the TTUMC Arts Center in Tarrytown.

Adult Ballet
Adult Ballet 1 & 2: An introductory/slow intermediate class for adult beginners with little or some dance background, as well as those just returning to dance.
CE-DANCE 2007.
Sec. A: 10 Mon., Jan. 30-Apr. 10 (skip 2/20), 6:30-8:00 pm. #13404
Sec. B: 10 Sat., Feb. 4-Apr. 15 (skip 2/25), 10:00-11:30 am. #13405
Adult Ballet 2 & 3: For intermediate to advanced dancers: a 45-minute barre, followed by center work.
CE-DANCE 2008, 10 Wed., Feb. 1-Apr. 12 (skip 2/22), 9:30-11:00 am. #13406

Adult Jazz
Technique-based, concert jazz classes consisting of a center barre, progressions, and a combination based in any of the various jazz styles. Progressive levels build dancers’ awareness of body rhythms, coordination, performance quality, and the ability to master complex and intricate choreography.
Adult Jazz 1 & 2: CE-DANCE 2011, 10 Tues., Jan. 31-Apr. 11 (skip 2/21), 7:00-8:30 pm. #13407
Adult Jazz 2 & 3: CE-DANCE 2012.
Sec. A: 10 Mon., Jan. 30-Apr. 10 (skip 2/20), 9:30-11:00 am. #13408
Sec. B: 10 Fri., Feb. 3-Apr. 14 (skip 2/24), 9:30-11:00 am. #13409

Adult Modern Dance
Progressive instruction introduces dancers to the techniques of Graham, Horton, Limon, and contemporary movement forms. Classes consist of a center barre, progressions, and a combination as dancers explore movement through various shapes of the body, levels, directions through space, and weight transference.
Adult Modern 1 & 2: CE-DANCE 2013, 10 Tues., Jan. 31-Apr. 11 (skip 2/21), 9:30-11:00 am. #13410
Adult Modern 2 & 3: CE-DANCE 2013, 10 Thurs., Feb. 2-Apr. 13 (skip 2/23), 6:30-8:00 pm. #13411

Adult Tap
Dancers master tap vocabulary and techniques in classes that emphasize the development of musicality and exploration of a full range of styles. Open level classes welcome all, regardless of previous experience or age. Family Tap welcomes adults and children who wish to explore tap dance together.
Sec. A: Adult Tap: 10 Thurs., Feb. 2-Apr. 13 (skip 2/23), 6:30-7:30 pm. #13412
Sec. B: Open Level Rhythm Tap, 10 Mon., Jan. 30-Apr. 10 (skip 2/20), 6:00-7:00 pm. #13413
Sec. C: Open Level Family Tap: 10 Sat., Feb. 4-Apr. 15 (skip 2/25), 9:15-10:00 am. #13414

All classes meet at the TTUMC Arts Center in Tarrytown at
27 S. Washington Street (off of Main Street).

Acting & Theater

Improvisation for Acting, Writing, and Life

Have some laughs while you’re learning improvising skills. Expand your creativity and confidence through theater games that focus on spontaneity, awareness, energy, concentration, and more. It’s like a rehearsal for Whose Line is it Anyway?
CE-THEAT 2024, 4 Thurs., Feb. 2-23, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $80. J Brownold. #13241

Acting in the Afternoon, Part 1
We’ll focus on the basics of using sensory work and creating a character, while reading scripts from plays with assigned roles. Students will work on a scene with a partner and present a staged reading during the last class. No memorization is required, just a love of theatre!
CE-THEAT 2020VA, 6 Tues., Jan. 24-Feb. 28, 12:00 noon-2:00 pm, KNC-3, $120. S Courtney. #13275

Acting in the Afternoon, Part 2
This class will build on skills worked on in Acting in the Afternoon Part 1, but is also for new students. Students will work on a scene with a partner and present a staged reading on the last class.
CE-THEAT 2021VA, 6 Tues., Mar. 14-Apr. 18, 12:00 noon-2:00 pm, KNC-2, $120. S Courtney. #13276

Acting & Playwriting Workshops at the Axial Theatre
Westchester Community College and the Axial Theatre are pleased to offer a variety of theatre courses.
These classes are offered through a collaboration with Howard Meyer’s Acting Program, a division of Axial Theatre, a professional theatre company dedicated to building community through education and engaging people of all ages in the creative process. Classes will take place at St. John’s Episcopal Church Community House, 8 Sunnyside Road in Pleasantville. For more information on the classes please go to

Playwriting Workshop
Learn how to develop a play scene by scene. Students will bring scenes each week and exchange work with fellow students. Gradually, a project will develop for each playwright: scenes, one-minute plays, one-act plays, and full-lengths. For background on your instructor, go to
CE-THEAT 2002, 6 Tues., 7:00-9:00 pm, $265. G Fox.
Sec. A: Jan. 10-Feb. 14. #13417
Sec. B: Apr. 11-May 16. #13418

Basic Acting Technique for Adults
In this class we lay the foundation of the actor’s craft with a range of exercises developed by master teachers Sanford Meisner and Lee Strasberg. The exercises help develop the actor’s use of his/her senses and imagination and are practiced individually and in groups. Monologues and scenes are integrated as new exercises continue to be introduced.
CE-THEAT 2001, 6 Wed., 7:30-10:30 pm, $245. R Jones.
Sec. A: Jan. 11-Feb. 22 (skip 2/8). #13419
Sec. B: Apr. 12-May 24 (skip 5/3). #13420
CE-THEAT 2000, 12 Wed., 7:30-10:30 pm, $395. R Jones.
Sec. A: Jan. 11-Apr. 5 (skip 2/8). #13421
Sec. B: Apr. 12-July 5 (skip 5/3). #13422

 Basic Acting Technique for Teenagers
We focus on exercises which cultivate the imagination, the use of the senses, and expression of voice and body. Each student is encouraged to access their own uniqueness and point-of-view, in a creative and safe environment. For ages 13-15.
CE-THEAT 2014, 12 Wed., 5:15-7:00 pm, $395. J Erick.
Sec. A: Jan. 11-Apr. 5 (skip 2/8). #13423
Sec. B: Apr. 12-July 5 (skip 5/3). #13424


NEW! Music Calligraphy
Music calligraphy allows amateur and professional composers to create music without the use of a computer. Learn techniques for legible writing on staff/score paper, including notes, clefs, rests, accidentals, beaming, lyrics, and more. Also covered will be setting up pages, measures on a staff/page the order of instruments and parts in a score, and how to make a page as “readable” as possible for other musicians and performers.
CE-MUSIC 2077VA, 2 Thurs., Jan. 12 & 19, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $45. T Williams. #13684

NEW! Finale: The Global Standard for Music Notation
Finale is computer software that allows users to arrange, compose, and notate sheet music for any genre. Learn how to use Finale’s powerful notation, recording, editing, even orchestration and arranging capabilities, which are unmatched in the music publishing industry. Topics covered include setup and creating vocal and keyboard scores, using instruments in sections, creating orchestra scores. Students will create a simple lead sheet, vocal score, and optional instruments. Students must bring a laptop with Finale installed, preferably with the latest version, Finale 2014.5.
CE-MUSIC 2080VA, 4 Tues., Jan. 10-31, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $75. T Williams. #13685

Music Theory for Dummies
A brief and simple “crash course” overview of the components of basic music theory:
notation, pitch, staves, meter, intervals, scales, chords, keys, triads, harmony, and structural form. Listening skills include identifying basic chords and intervals. Basic sight singing involves using solfege and simple score reading while following notation.
CE-MUSIC 2071, 2 Mon., Mar. 6 & 13, 6:00-8:00 pm, KNC-3, $40. T Williams. #13313

Music Sight Reading Made Easy
An introduction to reading music, with an emphasis on following notes by reviewing sheet music and scores. Includes identification of basic elements of music such as locating the melody, themes or motives which vary with different types of styles and historical genres; “ordering” scores according to instrument families; examining structural forms including score reading across styles.
CE-MUSIC 2072, 2 Mon., Mar. 20 & 27, 6:00-8:00 pm, KNC-3, $40. T Williams. #13314

Guitar Workshop
Learn to read music and play a melody together with a bass line. Discover shortcuts that can save you time.
10 sessions, AAB-104. J Lorusso.
Beginner: CE-MUSIC 2001, Thurs., Feb. 2-Apr. 6, 7:30-9:30 pm, $175 (+ $45 for Book 1 and companion CD with the Songs of Book One, payable to instructor). #13524
Intermediate: CE-MUSIC 2015, Tues., Feb. 7-Apr. 11, 7:00-9:00 pm, $175 (+ $55 for Book 2 and companion double CD with the Songs of Book Two, payable to instructor). #13525

Guitar is Fun
Always wanted to learn to play the guitar? Now is your chance! In the Intermediate class, which follows the Beginning class, you’ll learn more chords and strumming techniques. In the Advanced class, we’ll learn combination strums, fingerpicking, and more chords, with possible note reading in first position and barre chords if there is time. Students must bring their own guitar to class.
7 Tues., 1:30-2:30 pm. $70. D Moran.
Intermediate: CE-MUSIC 2058VA, Feb. 21-Apr. 4, KNC-4. #13206
Advanced: CE-MUSIC 2066VA, Apr. 11-May 30 (skip 5/16), KNC-5. #13207

Piano is Fun
Add the joy of music to your life. The Intermediate class is designed for those who have taken the Beginning class; you’ll learn new rhythm, keys, and songs. In the Advanced class, we learn new keys, transposition, new rhythms and expand our reading repertoire; you’ll receive personal as well as class help. Please bring your own keyboard with batteries in it.
7 Tues., 12:15-1:15 pm, $70 (+ textbook). D Moran.
Intermediate: CE-MUSIC 2061VA, Feb. 21-Apr. 4, KNC-4. #13204
CE-MUSIC 2067VA, Apr. 11-May 30 (skip 5/16), KNC-5. #13205

Piano for Adults
Individualized and group instruction. Access to a piano is required; practice outside of class time necessary.
$175 (+ $20 for textbook, payable to instructor), AAB-110. H Dutton.
Beginner: If you always wanted to play piano but never got around to do it, this class is for you! Learn to read music and have fun with chords on familiar tunes. Each student will have a full size electric piano to play.
CE-MUSIC 2005, 10 Fri., Feb. 3-Apr. 14 (skip 2/17), 6:00-7:30 pm. #13265
Advanced Beginner: For students who have completed Beginners class or have knowledge of basic note reading.
CE-MUSIC 2062, 10 Fri., Feb. 3-Apr. 14 (skip 2/17), 7:30-9:00 pm. #13266
Intermediate: For students who have completed Advanced Beginners class or has musical note and chord reading skill.
CE-MUSIC 2020 (prerequisite: Beginning or equivalent experience), 10 Thurs., Feb. 2-Apr. 6, 6:00-7:30 pm. #13267
Advanced: For students with advanced technique. Bring own music to learn and share with others to give and receive inspiration.
CE-MUSIC 2018, 10 Thurs., Feb. 2-Apr. 6, 7:30-9:00 pm. No textbook required. #13268