Self-Awareness & Relationships

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NEW! Surprising Discovery: Your Personal Greatness
You are stronger, brighter, freer – and in many ways, a more inspiring person than you may think! No need to take this on faith; directly experience that truth for yourself in this class. Gain practical hints for unfolding your greatness into your current realities, and as a result, relax into being the person you always, if unconsciously, longed to be. As Emerson said, “What lies before us, what lies behind us, is nothing compared to what lies within us.”
CE-PRSDV 2131, $25. M Harmin.
Sec. A: 1 Mon., Mar. 14, 7:30-9:30 pm, KNC-2. #13246
Sec. B: 1 Sat., Mar. 19, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, LIB-101. #13247

Care for the Caregivers
For those who care for Alzheimer’s patients and others. Whether you’re family, a friend, or a professional, renew, de-stress, and learn new caretaking and coping tools. Through music, meditation, and sharing our stories, we can walk this journey together.
CE-PRSDV 2130VA, 1 Sat., Apr. 2, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, KNC-2, $30. L Bourbeau. #12903

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
Have you wanted to try meditation, but didn’t think it was for you? During this one-session class, we will explore several types of meditation that you can incorporate in your daily life.
CE-PRSDV 2105VA, 1 Mon., Mar. 14, 10:00 am-12:00 noon, LIB-101, $25. E Wind. #12831

Mindfulness and Meditation Practice
Learn and experience meditation and mindfulness in a comfortable, nurturing group setting. We will learn and try many techniques that you will be able to use in your daily lives. Come join this fun and user-friendly class to explore mindfulness and meditation.
CE-PRSDV 2042VA, 4 Mon., Mar. 28-Apr. 18, 10:00-11:00 am, Room TBD, $45. E Wind. #12832

Beauty Bootcamp
Shape up your makeup skills and learn the application techniques to apply makeup to yourself or others. Through guided instruction and demonstration, learn the history of makeup, proper sanitation, and how to have a career in makeup, as well as actual application and correct product usage.
CE-PRSDV 2058, 4 Mon., Feb. 1-22, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $75. L Varenne. #12840

Bridal Beauty Bootcamp
Warm up with makeup techniques specific for brides and the bridal party. Learn products and techniques for long lasting results. Explore dealing with bridal clients.
CE-PRSDV 2059, 1 Mon., Feb. 29, 6:30-8:30 pm, LIB-101, $20. L Varenne. #12841

One Soul, Many Lives:
Exploring Past Lives
Do you believe in past lives? Do you wonder why you are drawn to a particular place or time in history, or even to people you feel you know even though you just met? Get in touch with who you may have been through meditation; learn how to focus and gather the scattered mental energies and develop the powers of concentration to activate our “third eye.”
CE-PRSDV 2100, 4 Tues., Apr. 5-26, 7:00-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $65. S Shkreli & M Lulgjuraj. #12809

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique
A paradigm shifting program that introduces mind/body healing techniques anyone can use to create a better life by releasing emotional energetic blocks. Learn how to energetically test for negative emotions and learn to use the EFT tapping procedures to reduce the intensity of negative emotions. Includes an introduction to the concepts of Applied Kinesiology and the development of personal intuitive skills.
CE-PRSDV 2081, 4 Thurs., Apr. 7-28, 7:00-9:30 pm, Room TBD, $125. S Gottlieb. #12688

Self-Hypnosis for Change
Learn to enter a hypnotic state to change habits, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase your potential, and promote better health.
CE-HLTH 2015, 1 Tues., Apr. 5, 6:30-9:30 pm, Room TBD, $40 (+ $10 for optional booklet and CD, payable to instructor). J Abrahamsen. #12669

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Use self-hypnosis to change your eating habits, manage your weight, and influence your ideas about your ability to achieve an ideal weight for a happier, healthier lifestyle.
CE-HLTH 2018, 1 Tues., Apr. 19, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $30 (+ $10 for optional reinforcement CD, payable to instructor). J Abrahamsen. #12670

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
Behavior modification techniques, when practiced and reinforced through the use of hypnosis, help you quit smoking for good without weight gain.
CE-HLTH 2016, 1 Tues., May 3, 7:00-9:00 pm, KNC-4, $30 (+ $10 for optional reinforcement CD, payable to instructor). J Abrahamsen. #12671