Self-Awareness & Relationships

New! One Soul, Many Lives: Exploring Past Lives & Meditation
Do you believe in past lives? Do you wonder why you are drawn to a particular place or time in history, or even to people you feel you know even though you just met? Exploring past lives can help you understand your life today and help you heal. Get in touch with who you may have been through meditation; learn how to focus and gather the scattered mental energies and develop the powers of concentration to activate our “third eye.” Literature excerpts, movie clips, and discussion will start the journey of balancing our soul karma.
CE-PRSDV 2100, 3 Tues., Oct. 7-21, 7:00-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $50. S Shkreli & M Lulgjuraj. #84027

NEW! The Trampoline Effect: Staying in Touch with Your Competent Confident Self
Learning how to nurture and access confidence is key to navigating life’s transitions and to developing a successful life. In these interactive, experiential classes you will learn the 3 key elements of confidence, get a picture of your personal “trampoline,” and leave with strategies for sustaining your self-confidence.
CE-PRSDV 2096, 3 Mon., Oct. 20-Nov. 3, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $60 (+ $5 materials fee, payable to instructor). J Garfinkel. #83961

NEW! Listening to You: An Introduction to Focusing
A special way of paying attention, focusing is a deliberate process that results in a greater connection to you and your own life. Once learned, focusing can be applied to solving some of life’s stickiest problems. This interactive workshop introduces you to the focusing process and gives you a taste of how it works.
CE-PRSDV 2098, 1 Sat., Oct. 18, 10:00 am-12:30 pm, Room TBD, $25. J Garfinkel. #83962

NEW! Becoming Your Own Best Listener: Focusing Basics
Learn additional skills basic to the focusing process. Class time is devoted primarily to practice. Focusing is best learned in partnership, so we will learn together. Pre-requisite: Listening to You: An Introduction to Focusing.
CE-PRSDV 2099, 3 Sat., Nov. 1-22 (skip 11/8), 10:00 am-12:00 noon, Room TBD, $60. J Garfinkel. #83963

Let’s Have a Real Conversation: The Power of Empathy

We all hear how empathy is so important and that more of it is needed, yet few agree on what it is and how it can be learned. Discover the empathetic skills of how to hear and to speak what is genuine and non-threatening to your partner, friend, work colleague, or family member. Understand the power of empathy, how to hear beneath the words and connect with the heart. Using life experience, learn the simple and very powerful skills of authentic communication through role-plays, exercises and discussion.
CE-COMM 2013, 6 Tues., Oct. 14-Nov. 18, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $125 (+ textbook). M Epstein. #83442

New! Intro to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
What is NLP and why is it so popular, effective, simple, and fun? Understand NLP as a form of cognitive psychology that uses quick, simple, highly effective methods to achieve personal and business goals. NLP delivers immediate, long lasting results. NLP has been proven effective for weight and time management and sleep hygiene, problems that afflict millions of Americans.
CE-PRSDV 2097, 2 Wed., Oct. 15 & 22, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $45. M Krieger. #83968