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The Battles of the Civil War

Join us for a series of discussions about the War Between the States. The first seminar will center on the Confederacy and its flags; other seminars will each focus on a specific battle.
Each seminar meets on 1 Sat., 9:00 am-12:00 noon, $30 each. D Fruci.

NEW! The Confederacy and the Flag
This seminar will discuss the Confederacy’s birth, her national flags and her battle flags. The Confederate battle flag’s usage in association with some state governments has been a point of debate for many years. Please feel welcome to bring your opinion.
CE-HIST2057VA, Jan. 16, KNC-3. #13206

NEW! Civil War Battles: Antietam
This seminar will cover the bloodiest day of warfare in American military history. As the Southern forces made their first major offensive into the North, both armies collided in the Maryland countryside. Strategies, personalities, and results will be explored.
CE-HIST 2056VA, Jan. 23, Room TBD. #13205

NEW! Civil War Battles: Gettysburg
This seminar will cover the South’s second major invasion into the North. This three-day battle is considered by many to be the turning point in the war. We’ll discuss strategies, personalities, and results of this legendary battle in the Pennsylvania countryside.
CE-HIST 2055VA, Jan. 30, KNC-3. #13204

NEW! Civil War Battles: Vicksburg
This seminar will cover one of the most important battles in the Civil War, often overlooked because it was fought at the same time as the battle at Gettysburg. Strategies, personalities, and results will show how this battle contributed to the turning point of the Civil War.
CE-HIST 2054VA, Feb. 6. #13203

NEW! Civil War Battles: Sherman’s March to the Sea
This seminar will cover Battle of Atlanta and then follow Sherman’s army as it moves east toward the sea. General Grant’s strategy to win the war was by engaging in “total war”; Sherman’s destruction of everything in his path was an example of Grant’s theory.
CE-HIST 2053VA, Feb. 13, KNC-4. #13202

NEW! African American Soldiers During World War II
In one of the world’s most terrible conflicts, many valiant African Americans answered the call to fight for their country. Thousands sacrificed their lives, many were injured, and hundreds returned with posttraumatic stress disorder from the battlefields of Europe, Africa, the Pacific, and the Middle Eastern Front. African American servicemen aided in the world’s greatest turmoil; their patriotic and significant roles helped to end tyranny and mayhem globally. Many servicemen faced discrimination at home and were the catalyst for a burgeoning civil rights movement. Discover their heroic acts and their legacy.
CE-HIST 2066VA, 5 Sat., Jan. 23-Feb. 20, 11:45 am-1:45 pm, Room TBD, $95. A Hall-Crawford. #13248

World War II: Triumph in Europe
Join us for a series of discussions about these pivotal turning points of the European Campaign. Follow your grandfather’s war!
Each seminar meets on 1 Thurs., 6:00-9:00 pm, LIB-101, $30 each. D Fruci.

NEW! Battle of Normandy
This seminar will focus on the breakout from the Normandy beaches. We’ll follow the Allies as they secure the countryside with intense hedgerow fighting, and as they secure the port of Cherbourg along with the towns of Caen and St. Lo. As the Nazis are pushed eastward, Paris will be liberated.
CE-HIST 2061, Apr. 7. #13248

NEW! The Battle of the Bulge
This seminar will focus on the Allied push toward Germany. Hitler has devised a major winter offensive that will catch the Allies completely by surprise. The German offensive leads to the major Battle of the Bulge, despite heavy Allied losses they will prevail and be able to make their move into the Nazi homeland.
CE-HIST 2060, Apr. 14. #13208

NEW! Liberating the Concentration Camps
This seminar will focus on the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps by the Allied forces. As the Soviets liberate the camps during their westward move towards Berlin, the Western Allies move east to discover the unprecedented horrors of war.
CE-HIST 2059, Apr. 21. #13209

NEW! Hitler’s Final Days
This seminar will focus on the last days of the madman who was responsible for the death and destruction in the European theater of WW II. His final days will be chronicled as the Soviet Army fights street to street in the city of Berlin, crushing Hitler’s dream for a thousand-year Reich.
CE-HIST 2058, Apr. 28. #13210

The Story of the Orphan Trains
Discover the history of the Orphan Train Era (1853-1929), which saw the largest migration of children in American history. So many orphans were sent to Iowa that it’s estimated that one in four Iowans are descendants of orphan train riders. Many people refer to the Orphan Train Era as the greatest American story never told. Come unravel the mystery and the truth behind the Orphan Trains!
CE-HIST 2052, 2 Thurs., Jan. 14 & 21, 6:30-9:00 pm, KNC-2, $50 (+ optional book Orphan Train Riders, Vol. 1, purchased in class or from Heritage Books). T Riley. #12775

Slicing Big Apple Baseball

Did you know that Babe Ruth had 25 nicknames, or that Brooklyn had 25 semi-pro teams before they morphed into the Dodgers? And can you believe outfielders once caught fly balls with their helmets? Trace NYC baseball from its origins before the Dodgers, Yankees, and Giants to the modern era. Learn rule changes, changing demographics, and inside information. We’ll end with a simulated game of stickball and an egg cream on the house!
CE-HIST 2030, 1 Sat., May 7, 3:00-5:00 pm, KNC-2, $25. H Fischer. #12912

Murder, Mayhem and Ghostly Presence in NYC
Discover New York City stories of murder, mayhem, and hauntings with colorful personalities such as J.P. Morgan, Aaron Burr, Teddy Roosevelt and others, at locations such as the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory and Battery Park.
CE-HIST 2051, 4 Sat., Apr. 2-23, 10:00 am-12:00 noon, Room TBD, $80. L DiMartino. #12658

Haunted History of the Hudson Valley: Part 1
Be thrilled and excited by fascinating tales of ghosts and haunted houses of the Hudson River Valley region! Learn local ghost stories that you have never heard before. Ghostly legends of interesting local personalities such as Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, and Henry Hudson are also included in this course.
CE-LIT 2002, 4 Sat., Apr. 2-23, 12:30-2:30 pm, Room TBD, $80. L DiMartino. #12659

Haunted History of the British Isles Learn some of the wonderful haunted tales and folktales of the British Isles (England, Ireland, and Scotland) along with colorful tales of Robert Burns, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, Henry VIII, and others.
CE-HIST 2044, 2 Sat., May 7 & 14, 10:00 am-12:00 noon, KNC-4, $40. L DiMartino. #13463

History through Literature
This class will examine two novels as works of classical literature: Black Boy by Richard Wright and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. We will examine these literary pieces as works of classical literature and, through these works, explore politics, poverty, and race within the historical periods during which the novels are set.
CE-LIT 2021VA, 6 Tues., Jan. 12-Feb. 16, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room TBD, $120. D McIntosh. #12873

Politics via Film
This course will use the medium of film to discuss some of the key issues of politics. It will discuss assassins (JFK), spies (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), science fiction (Blade Runner) and nuclear war (Fail Safe and Doctor Strangelove.) Films will be analyzed in terms of artistic merit and ability to cast light on major political issues.
CE-FILM 2017, 4 Wed., Feb. 3-24, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $80. P Gettler. #12684

Civil War via Biography
This course will examine the Civil War through the mediums of biography and film, focusing on the roles of four key characters: John Brown, Lincoln, Grant, and Lee. Films to be analyzed include Lincoln, Gods and Generals, The Blue and the Gray, How the West Was Won, and Gettysburg. Clips from documentary films will also be presented. 
CE-HIST 2010, 4 Wed., Mar. 2-23, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $80. P Gettler. #12685

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy
To honor the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, an in-depth study of the planning and execution of the largest military invasion in the history of warfare. Study the German defenses and follow the Allies landing by air and sea to gain a foothold on Hitler’s Fortress Europe.
CE-HIST 2034, 3 Sat., Mar. 5-19, 9:00 am-12:00 noon, Room TBD, $95. D Fruci. #12678

History of the World Series
Discover over 100 years of World Series history, from the Cy Young-led Boston Pilgrims victory in 1903 up to the present day. Explore the many fascinating stories left by some of the greatest players in the game as their teams tried to earn their championship season. Baseball lovers, this class is for you.
CE-HIST 2049, 2 Thurs., May 5 & 12, 6:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $125. D Fruci. #12677

The Loyalist Cause: America’s First Civil War
Learn what happened to those who supported the British cause during the American Revolutionary War. The supporters to be discussed include Benedict Arnold, General Cornwallis and others. A must course for those interested in the history of this era!
CE-HIST 2035, 2 Sat., May 7 & 14, 12:30-2:30 pm, Room TBD, $40. L DiMartino. #12657

Election 2016: Making Sense of Presidential Politics
The so-called invisible campaign of lining up donors, staff, and outreach to must-win constituencies is already in full swing. You’re invited to a front row seat for what might be one of the most competitive presidential contests in a generation. We’ll consider the key issues, analyze the political landscape, and handicap the prospects of individual candidates.
CE-POLTC 2011, 4 Tues., Apr. 19-May 10, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room TBD, $75. J Kotch. #12717

American Icons
Join us for a series of discussions about famous American icons and their roles in the shaping of our country’s culture.
Each seminar meets on 1 Thurs., 6:00-9:00 pm, $30 each. D Fruci.

NEW! American Icons: Medgar Evers
Take an in depth look at the life and murder of American civil rights leader Medgar Evers. After serving his country during WW II in Europe, he returned home and gave his life as he fought for equality for all Americans.
CE-HIST 2062VA, Mar. 3, KNC-5. #13215

NEW! American Icons: John Wilkes Booth
Take an in depth look at the life of a famous American actor, who became forever known as the murderer of a legendary American president. From the accolades he received on the stage, to being hunted down, we’ll explore his motives and intense hatred for Lincoln.
CE-HIST 2063VA, Mar. 10, Room TBD. #13216

NEW! American Icons: Eleanor Roosevelt
Take an in depth look at the life of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Her accomplishments throughout her life, along with the trials and tribulations of being married to President Franklin Roosevelt, will be explored.
CE-HIST 2064VA, Mar. 24, KNC-3. #13217

NEW! American Icons: Benedict Arnold
Take an in depth look at the life of a great American Revolutionary War general. His choice to change sides and support the British left his name to be solely remembered as a traitor. We will explore the possibilities that led to his infamous decision.
CE-HIST 2065VA, Mar. 31, KNC-5. D Fruci. #13218