Certifications & Licensing

Fiber Optics Training Certificate

Course fees include all books and study materials. This program is offered in partnership with BDI datalynk. For more information, visit or call them at 512-785-9024. To register, call Westchester Community College at 914-606-6830 and press 1 or visit us online at

Certified Fiber Optics Technician Course (CFOT)
This introductory 3-day fiber optics course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Fiber Optics Technician. This program prepares the student to take the CFOT (Certified Fiber Optics Technician) test, sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association), which is given and graded on the final class day. This course also introduces the student to industry standards governing FTTD (Fiber To The Desk), FTTH (Fiber To The Home, LAN/WAN fiber networks), and basic fusion and mechanical splicing. Students will learn how to identify fiber types; recognize various connectors used in fiber installation; and install, terminate, splice, and properly test installed fiber cable to existing standards. This program explores the history and future of fiber optics and fiber optics capabilities, and cost of installation. Standards covered: NECA/FOA-301-2004, EIA/TIA 568-B.3, ANSI/TIA/EIA 607-A, and NEC Article 770-50, upon successful completion, this program is recognized for BICSI CECs (Continuing Education Credits): RCDD 21, Installer Level/2 Technician 21 CECs.
Suggested Prerequisites: Basic working knowledge of computers. Able to see and identify small items and able to speak and understand the English language.
CE-TECH 2000, M/T/W, Oct. 6-8, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, LIB-G36, $700. #83514

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing & Maintenance (CFOS/T)
This 2-day program offers advanced training to anyone involved with the testing and maintenance of fiber optics networks. A focal point in the program is to offer a general, easy to understand approach to fiber optics testing standards with little theory and considerable hands-on activities. This comprehensive program explains the variety of testing standards, equipment and technological approaches used in fiber network testing and splicing and how to choose among them. Subject matter includes a detailed study of ANSI/TIA/EIA-526-14(7)A, OTDR fundamentals and uses, OTDR vs. Insertion Loss Testing, Return Loss Testing, and Attenuation testing using the Power Source and Light Meter. This course is accredited by BICSI for 14 RCDD CECs and 12 Installation CECs.
Prerequisite: CFOT Course or another formal Fiber Optics Training Course within preceding 6 months or 1 year fiber optics related experience. Must have taken and passed the Basic CFOT Exam prior to registering for CFOS/T with the FOA.
CE-TECH 2001, Th/F, Oct. 9 & 10, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, LIB-G36, $675 (fee also includes 1-year membership in the FOA). #83515

NEW! Certified Fiber Optics Specialist Outside Plant (CFOS/O)
For students who will be directly involved with installing Outside Plant (OSP) Fiber Optics Cabling. Further, it is an add-on course to their FOA portfolio once they have successfully completed the 3-day, basic CFOT course and can be taken concurrently with the CFOT course. This advanced Fiber Optic Training combines lecture sessions and 85% hands-on activities to prepare the student to take the CFOS/O, OSP hands-on and written exams that are sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association) and given and graded the final class day. This course introduces the student to industry standards governing the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of OSP fiber optics cable. Proper Mid-Span Access procedures will be demonstrated during class. Students will learn how to properly identify OSP fiber cabling types, recognize various outside plant closures used in OSP fiber installation, install, prepare, terminate, splice, and properly test and troubleshoot installed OSP fiber cable to existing standards. Course fee includes study materials, textbook, CD, and exams and 1-year membership to the FOA. Note: The student must pass both the written and hands on exams to successfully pass this course. This course is accredited by BICSI for CECs (pending).
Prerequisite: CFOT Course or another Formal Fiber Optics Training Course within preceding 6 months, or 1 year Fiber Optics related experience. Must have taken and passed the Basic CFOT Exam prior to registering for Specialist Outside Plant Certification (CFOS/O) with the FOA. This course may be taken immediately after successfully completing the CFOT course.
CE-TECH 2029, S/Su, Oct. 11 & 12, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, LIB-G36, $775. #83516

Home Inspection Careers

In partnership with American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT), we now offer training to prepare for a career in Home Inspection. Get ready to both start and operate your own successful home inspection business or to be a significant contributor in an established company. For those new to the field, our classroom-based training program gets you started. For those already established and looking for professional development opportunities, our online classes make it easy!

Classroom-Based Home Inspection Training Program
Our hands-on program will show you how to succeed as a professional home inspector. The courses and field training provide you with a step-by-step process to execute a complete professional home inspection and produce a professional home inspection report. In addition, the classroom courses provide information on how to start, market, and build your own business. Perform actual inspections with our instructors. Curriculum approved by NYS. Lectures held in the Valhalla campus library, LIB-G36 (within in the Academic Support Center). Field training, KNC-2.
CE-TECH 2005, Lecture: Sept. 15-27, Field training: Oct. 6-10. #83598

For additional course information on the home inspection licensing training programs and to register, visit or contact American Home Inspectors Training Institute, N19 W24075 Riverwood Dr., Waukesha, WI 53188. Phone: 800-441-9411 or 262-754-3744. Fax: 262-754-3748. Registration through AHIT only.

Industrial, Institutional & Structural Pesticide Applicator Certificate
Offered in partnership with the Environmental and Facilities Institute

This NYSDEC-accredited training and certification course is for professionals who work in or who have an interest in the application of pesticides; it will train those who will be applying pesticides in commercial and residential buildings for control of insect and rodent pests. Students receive the core training needed to begin their careers as pesticide applicators and to strengthen their skill set to meet the continuing and new challenges found in the industry. Students are prepared to take the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation Pesticide Applicators Core & 7a examinations for Pesticide Technician eligibility and certification.

Course study topics include: state & federal laws and regulations, pesticides and pests, safety, poisoning, fundamentals of integrated pest management, equipment, storage and record keeping. The NYDEC State certification exam will be offered on campus for registrants.
CE-CERTS 2038, 5 Wed., Oct. 15-Nov. 12 (plus DEC exam date TBD), 3:00-9:30 pm, Room TBD, $600 (+ Core & 7a manuals; cost is $90 for the set; can be purchased at the Cornell University Extension Center or from the instructor). D Alvarez. #83791

NOTE: Attendance is critical in order to successfully complete this program. Make-up classes are subject to availability and location, and at an additional fee paid directly to EFI. For registration, and additional course information, licensing and training programs, contact EFI at: or call EFI at 914-295-2296.
Grade C Water Operator Certification
This approved 18-hour program is the required course for operators seeking Grade C Certification for systems serving 1000 people or less. Course covers water facilities with basic treatment, filtration, booster pump stations, storage tanks, disinfection, fire protection, cross-connections, and small distribution facilities. 100% attendance required to sit for exam.
CE-CERTS 2010, 6 Thurs., Oct. 16-Nov. 20, 6:30-9:30 pm, Room TBD, $275 (+ textbook). J Wines. #83607

Grade D Water Distribution Operator Certification
This approved 15-hour program is the required course for operators seeking Grade D Certification. Course covers basic hydraulics, operator math, cross connection control, distribution system O&M (leak detection), pipes & joints, valves and other miscellaneous tools and operations. Also covers emergency planning, work zones, trench and job site safety, water main installation and repair, and maps and records. 100% attendance required to sit for exam.
CE-CERTS 2011, 5 Mon., Oct. 20-Nov. 17, 6:30-9:30 pm, Room TBD, $250 (+ textbook). J Wines. #83608

Personal Training Programs

Personal Training Certification Orientation: Online
Get the most comprehensive information on one of the hottest jobs! Meet one of our veteran teachers using WebEx and get a clear picture of what to expect in the course and the great rewards that await you. This FREE online WebEx session is a great way to learn about the field and the program. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in a live chat with our instructor on any of the following dates:
Thurs., Aug. 14, 12:00 noon EDT at;
Thurs., Sept. 4, 4:00 pm EDT at:
Thurs., Oct. 2, 12:00 noon EDT at:

Personal Training Certification
Come join this fun profession and be a part of what Fortune Magazine & states as the 4th hottest job in the U.S. at a national average of $34 an hour. Employers like 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and Gold’s Gyms are just a few of the clubs that seek out our graduates. Whether a career move or for your own personal knowledge, get all the information you need to become a Certified Personal Trainer. This challenging course is taught over a 5-week period for better retention and skill competency; the national exam is held on the 6th week. This 60-hour program has 15 hours of lecture, 15 hours of hands-on practical training, and a 30-hour internship that networks many graduates right into a job. Prepare for success with key topics that include biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, equipment usage, and health assessment. CPR/AED is needed to receive the certificate. W.I.T.S. is the only major certifying body in the country providing comprehensive practical training and internship components. Textbook is required and not included in course fees; call to order and start reading immediately 888-330-9487;
CE-CERTS 2018, 6 Sat., Oct. 11-Nov. 15, 9:00 am-4:00 pm, Room TBD (morning lecture held on campus; afternoon practical held offsite), $675. #83517

Note: W.I.T.S. is an approved CEU provider for the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), Veterans Training and Education, the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The American Council on Education has recommended 3 undergraduate academic credits for this course.


“Servsafe” Food Service Sanitation & Safety
Available at Valhalla campus, Mt. Vernon and Ossining Extension Centers, and Port Chester Middle School
. Mandatory for anyone who handles and/or distributes food. English and Spanish sections available. Prepare for the Dept. of Health Food Protection Certificate exam; also meets State Agriculture and Markets education requirements for food purveyors. Call 914-606-6830 (press 1) for schedule and registration form.
CE-CERTS 2000 at Valhalla campus, CE-CERTS 2000MV at Mt. Vernon, CE-CERTS 2000OS at Ossining, CE-CERTS 2000PC at Port Chester.
Fee is $285 (+ textbook).

Certified Dietary Manager Program
A 16-week hybrid course: part classroom and part self-study. Upgrade your skills in food service management or become a food service supervisor. HS Diploma/GED is required and you must be currently employed in a food service department under an RD (who acts as your preceptor). Includes Nutrition Therapy, Food Service Management, and Human Resource Management. 120 hrs. classwork/self-study and 150 hrs. fieldwork as required for certification, plus certification exam review with review materials. Approved by the Association of Nutrition and Food Professionals.
CE-NUTR 2002, on campus dates: 15 Thurs., Sept. 11-Feb. 26 (skip 9/25, 10/2, 10/23, 11/13, 11/27, 12/4-1/1/15 & 1/22), 4:00-8:00 pm, Room TBD, $600 (+ textbooks to be ordered from the ANFP at; use school code 321202). J Seid. #83851

Health Information Technology
Westchester Community College’s non-credit training program is designed to meet the nation’s emerging need for health information technology professionals. The Fall class meets Sept. 6 through Dec. 20, Mon., 6:00-9:00 pm and Sat., 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Tuition is $1,600. Participants must have a background in healthcare or information technology to qualify. To find out how you could make a leap into this new career, visit or email

Tobacco Sales Training
NYS Department of Health approved coursework designed to prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors. For owners and employees of establishments licensed to sell tobacco; participation is encouraged by a penalty-reduction incentive, which allows for reduced penalty in case of violation. Certification valid for 3-year period. Call 914-606-6830 (press 1) for schedule and to register.
CE-CERTS 2003, $55.

American Sign Language
2.0 CEUs. $199 (+ textbook), Room TBD. P Ditimi.
ASL 1: An Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL). Includes basic grammar, vocabulary, fingerspelling, numbers, and cultural information related to the deaf community. No prerequisites.
CE-LANG 1000, 10 Wed., Sept. 17-Nov. 19, 6:30-8:30 pm. #83568
ASL 2: A continuation of ASL 1. Expands vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, and cultural awareness. Introduces increasingly complex grammatical aspects. Prerequisites: ASL 1 or permission from the instructor.
CE-LANG 1001, 10 Tues., Sept. 16-Nov. 18, 6:30-8:30 pm. #83570

Child Abuse Seminar
New York State approved coursework for educators and healthcare professionals. If already licensed, bring license to class.
At Valhalla Campus: CE-CERTS 2001, $60. D Flynn-Capalbo.
Sec. A: 1 Sat., Sept. 27, 9:00 am-12:00 noon, KNC-2. #83707
Sec. B: 1 Wed., Oct. 22, 6:00-9:00 pm, KNC-3. #83708
At Ossining Center: CE-CERTS 2001OS, 1 Sat., Nov. 8, 9:00 am-12:00 noon. #83654

Coming in Spring 2015!
Careers in the Senior Move and Transition Industry and in Alzheimer and Dementia Care

Join us to learn more about these new career options in our FREE info sessions. Dayne DuVall, a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist and COO of the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care will share the opportunities in these growing fields and how to become credentialed.

Learn how to earn the CRTS credential as well as the requirements and training to become an expert in Senior Relocation.
Gain insights into certification in Alzheimer and Dementia Care. If you’re in the healthcare field with expertise in dementia care and want to train others, become a Certified Alzheimer Educator. If you work with persons with Alzheimer’s or want to, find out how being a Certified Alzheimer Caregiver will lead to better career advancement and opportunities. Also helpful to family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

The CRTS and CADC/CAE will be offered in the spring 2015 semester.

Call 914-606-6830, press 1 for dates for these FREE information sessions and to reserve your seat

Respiratory Therapy: Excellence Across the Healthcare Continuum

An AARC-approved 11 CRCE program designed to update RTs on advances in adult critical care, neonatal/ pediatric care, asthma education, and sleep medicine. Taught by Quinones Healthcare Seminars faculty members. Breakfast, lunch, and materials provided.
1 Fri., Sept. 12, 7:30 am-8:00 pm, GTW-David Aud., register before Aug. 12 for $129, after Aug. 12 for $159.
To registervisit or call 1-610-772-0661 or 1-215-353-2477.

Continuing Education for Funeral Directors
These workshops are held at the Ossining Center in the Arcadian Shopping Center on Rte. 9. Call 914-606-7400 to register. Each workshop is approved for 2.0 CEUs; 1 Thurs., $105.

The Funeral Director as an Effective Communicator
Focuses on the basic skills that lead to effective communication, specifically interacting with the bereaved, staff communication, and public speaking in the workplace.
CE-FUNER 2000OS, Nov. 13, 1:00-3:00 pm. #83657

Professional Ethics and Public Relations

Designed to assist the funeral director in raising his/her self-awareness as a professional member of the community.
CE-FUNER 2001OS, Nov. 13, 3:30-5:30 pm. # 83658

Register for both the Effective Communicator and Professional Ethics courses for only $200.
Savings will reflect when your course fees are calculated after enrolling.