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About G2E


Gateway to Entrepreneurship – G2E is a resource hub for entrepreneurial development at all stages. G2E develops and facilitates programs that respond to entrepreneur’s needs and contribute to a vibrant local economy.


GROW Conference for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The annual GROW Conference for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners is G2E’s signature event and is a breakthrough business conference that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs and business owners across the Hudson Valley.

Objective: The full-day forum offers the nuts and bolts of starting and growing your business and maximizing success, with a focus on networking, mentoring, business development and driving revenue. Attendees are able to tap into a network of like-minded business leaders, potential partners and resources, and to hear from marquee-name professionals and innovators from Westchester and beyond.

Emerging Businesses

Academy for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Academy for Entrepreneurial Excellence is a program of the Professional Development Center (PDC) and hosted by G2E in partnership with The Business Council of Westchester. Since its inception in early 2000, the Academy has provided over 100 business owners with the background, skills, and support necessary to move their companies into a growth phase.

Objective: The Academy provides the content, resources, coaching, and ongoing support required for business owners to create a strategy, vision, and specific plan of action to achieve growth, and contribute to long-term, sustainable success.


Leaders of new companies are eager to explore opportunities and feel pressured to delivery results quickly, however making the right decisions during the first couple of years is critical to the success of the business. The goal of this initiative is to provide support and resources to new companies during the first two years of existence.

 Objective: participants in the start-up phase of business development will receive resources and support from business experts on the do’s and don’ts of a start-up organization from exploring ways to build a sales organization, building customer loyalty to monitoring the company’s budget vs. actuals as a guide for making strategic decisions. G2E will also explore new opportunities to offer customized programs including offerings to immigrant entrepreneurs and older adults among other groups, depending on the demand. This program may include workshops and forums on strategic planning, access to capital and budgeting, marketing and promotion and financial management.

Concept Stage

The Concept-to-Launch program aims to take a business idea and create a plan to successfully launch a new business.

 Objective: Participants in this program will explore the feasibility of their business idea; hone their value proposition, research and define their market and industry, research their competitors, research key financial requirements, cost out products and services, cost out their marketing plan and prepare to launch.

 Resource Hub

In an effort to connect entrepreneurs to other resources in the county, G2E will serve as a resource hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses. G2E will create a team of pro bono consultants through community partners, local employers, business organizations, and government agencies to advice individuals seeking to start their own businesses and to use as a referral source.

 Objective: Build a network of contacts that can support entrepreneurs as they prepare to launch or grow their businesses.


For more information about the Gateway to Entrepreneurship and its programs, contact:

Eridania Camacho

Westchester Community College

Gateway Center, Office 320

Valhalla, NY 10595


Gateway to Entrepreneurship is funded through a grant from the Skirball Foundation