Respiratory Care Estimated Program Expenses

Please see schedule of instruction for standard college fees for each semester

Program for Specific Expenses

*  These items are available at the WCC Bookstore

  • Malpractice Insurance 15.00 a year
  • White Uniforms price will vary with the style and place of purchase:  (approximately) $40.00.
  • Shoes and Hose (approximately) 50.00
  • WCC Patch* – 3.95
  • WCC Student  Name Badge (approximately) 10.00 – it will be as follows:   1st line, first/last name;  2nd line, Westchester Community College; and 3rd line, Respiratory Care Student with a green background and white lettering
  • WCC lanyard with plastic Student photo ID holder* (approximately) 8.00
  • Textbooks approximately 400.00*
  • Stethoscope (approximately) 15.00
  • Watch with a second hand (approximately) 20.00
  • Annual Physical Exam – varies with your Physician’s fee
  • NBRC Self-Assessment Exams – (approximately) 150.00