Licensed Practitioners Clinical Waiver Program

Alternate Educational Program for Licensed Practitioners REV: May 2005


Individuals that possess a valid New York State Education License to practice as a Respiratory Therapist are eligible to be considered for an Alternate Clinical Education process in the Respiratory Car Program of Westchester Community College.  This evaluation process may enable licensed practitioners to challenge out of some or all clinical hours based upon their clinical performance.

Licensed Therapists who have attendance at clinical waived will be required to take and pass scheduled clinical simulation examinations with their assigned instructor and group (one clinical day per five-week module).

Individuals wishing to “challenge out” of the clinical hours component of the Summer Clinicals I and II must have passed the two prior clinical courses scheduled during the academic year. Those enrolled in alternate process must attend classes with the traditionally enrolled students.

No challenge of the Exit Examinations during Summer Clinical II will be permitted under any circumstances.
Individuals wishing to attempt the Alternate Clinical Evaluation Process must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Possess a valid New York State License as a Respiratory Therapist.
  2. Have four or more years documented experience as a Respiratory
  3. Submit Job Descriptions) detailing the procedures performed by the
  4. Submit a letter from their Departmental Manager and Medical Director that the applicant has competently discharged the duties listed in their job description for four or more years.
  5. Have been accepted and enrolled in the Respiratory Care Curriculum of Westchester Community College.
  6. Physical exams and malpractice insurance requirements must be met.
  7. Meet the standard admission criteria.


  1. Individuals wishing to avail themselves to this Alternate Evaluation Process must contact the Program Director  at least six months prior to the start of the program.
  2. In order to receive an AAS Degree in Respiratory Care, the candidate must meet all graduation requirements including a minimum of 69 credits completed. A waiver of the clinical coursework does not waive the 69 credit requirement. The student must take electives, or transfer credits, to insure they achieve a minimum of 69 credits- A maximum of 32 credits with a grade of’ “C” or better may be transferred.