Dietetic Technician Program – Admissions Requirements

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The Dietetic Technician curriculum is comprised of NYS General Education course requirements and the Core Knowledge and Competencies curriculum, mandated by ACEND.  Upon completion, the student will graduate with an A.A.S. degree (65 credits). The curriculum is designed as a full-time program.  If possible, it is strongly encouraged that students complete the program within 3 years.

Students enrolled in the Dietetic Technician Program, must maintain a GPA of 2.0 and earn a grade of “C” in all nutrition core courses.

All students are responsible for communicating their anticipated graduation date to the Curriculum Chairperson and for submitting an “Application for Graduation Form” to the Registrar’s Office. Students are responsible to meet with the Curriculum Chairperson to ensure that all degree requirements will be satisfied by the time they plan to graduate.  Upon the successful completion of the Dietetic Technician curriculum, and notification that the Registrar has cleared the student for graduation (indicating that all degree requirements also have been met), students are given a Verification Statement by the Program Director allowing them to sit for the Dietetic Technician registration exam.

Information on the Verification Statement

  • To establish eligibility to write the registration examination for Dietetic Technician, a verification statement is required by the Commission on Dietetic Registration upon completion of the Dietetic Technician Program to indicate completion of academic or supervised practice requirements for eligibility to write the registration examination.
  • To establish eligibility for Academy membership
  • A Verification Statement is required when applying for Academy Active membership
  • Dietetic Technician students who successfully complete the Dietetic Technician Program by achieving the program goals, abiding by the program policies, and reaching the expected level of competence for dietetics practice will receive a Registration Eligibility Application Name/Address Verification Form and instructions by the Program Director. Once completed, the Program Director will forward the Computerized Registration Eligibility Application Software to CDR completed.  At graduation, students will be provided at least six (6) Supervised Practice Verification Statement Forms.  Original Verification Statements may be required for ADA Membership Associate Active member transfer status, licensure and employment.  Students should retain a copy.  

Admission Criteria & Selection Process

General Admission Requirements

Westchester Community College Dietetic Technician program welcomes all students interested in pursuing the Dietetic Technician program.  The Program adheres to the College’s policy on admission criteria and requirements.

Click on the following links for information regarding admission to the College, tuition and the College’s academic calendar.

Additional Expenditures

  • Course textbooks & material fees  
    Textbook fees vary – course textbooks are listed on all syllabi
  • Travel and parking – Students are required to provide their own transportation to clinical affiliations and “field trips”.  Parking costs are the responsibility of the student and vary depending upon the semester.
  • Immunizations and physicals – The costs associated with immunizations and physicals are the responsibility of the student. Fees vary.
  • Criminal background checks and drug screening are required prior to clinical practicum enrollment. Approximate price – $160
  • Meals – Students are responsible for the cost of meals while at clinical affiliates and “field trips”.
  • Nutrition Conferences – Approximate price – $30
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Student Membership – $50.00
  • Student Professional Liability Insurance – $17.00 per semester  (requires annual renewal) 
  • Required uniform – Approx. $60 (Appendix A – Dress Code)
  • Fee for National Registration Exam (DTR)

Academic Calendar and Mandated Time Requirements for Clinical Practicum Courses

The Dietetic Technician Program follows the Westchester Community College academic calendar which is available by clicking here.

To complete the Dietetic Technician program, ACEND specifies that a student must complete 450 hours of supervised practice.  The supervised practice hours are obtained through completion of the three Clinical Practicum courses offered sequentially in the spring and fall semesters. These courses have pre-requisites and are only offered in the fall and spring semesters. They are not available on the weekends or offered in the summer.  Therefore, students are advised to plan their course schedules by following the 4 Semester Plan.  For further information regarding student attendance policy, check the Dietetic Technician Student Handbook.