Department of Biology

Division: Natural and Health Sciences
Division Dean: Dr. Michael J. Olivette
Division Secretary: Judi Ann Peterson
Division Office: Science Building Room 252
Division Office Phone:914-606-6910
Department Chair: Dr. Iris Cook
Tel: 914-606-6769
Office: Science Building Room 225

Department Secretary: Linda Walle
Tel: 914-606-6916
Office: Science Building Room 214

Faculty and Staff

Course Syllabi


The Biology Department of Westchester Community College offers a variety of courses taught by a dedicated, experienced faculty. Biology courses range from non-major to honors level, and are taken by students for numerous reasons including fulfilling WCC degree requirements, as prerequisites for professional programs, and to increase general biological knowledge.

Most WCC students seeking a degree are required to complete two science courses, in which one of the courses must include a lab component. A variety of courses allow students at all academic levels to meet these science requirements. Non-science majors planning on taking Biology courses to fulfill WCC degree requirements are recommended to take introductory level courses such as Biological Science 1 or 2 with the accompanying labs, or non-lab classes like Problems in Pollution. Students choosing to major in the sciences are recommended to take more comprehensive courses such as General Biology I & II.

Many other students that register for Biology courses at WCC do so with the goal of entering professional programs. These students take courses such as Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology in preparation for Nursing, Radiological Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and Food Services programs.

Students in the Honors Program have the option of taking Biology Honors courses. These include courses such as Human Genetics, Psychobiology, and General Biology 1 and 2. These courses offer students the opportunity to learn advanced biological content and laboratory techniques and earn Honors credit in the process. The department also offers sections of General Biology I & II and Biological Science on line.

Students wishing to increase their biological knowledge have a wonderful selection of elective courses from which to choose. Students who want to know more about the world around them might choose to take Problems in Pollution or Environmental Science, whose optional lab involves visiting local power and water treatment facilities. Courses like Human Biology, Human Ecology, and the Biology of Human Sexuality also offer students the ability to learn more about ourselves as a species. The complete information regarding these and other courses, including the necessary prerequisites, can be obtained by following the course descriptions link. Many of these courses are held at the Valhalla campus, but the Ossining Extension site holds an increasing number of Biology offerings, including labs. Other extensions sites offer sections of non-lab courses, and all WCC locations offer evening and weekend classes.

First and foremost, members of the Biology faculty are exceptional educators and highly dedicated to their students. Faculty members are highly experienced and hold advanced degrees from a diverse set of backgrounds. These include individuals with degrees in the medical fields such as Medical Doctors and Chiropractic Doctors, as well as individuals with advanced Biology degrees. The dedicated faculty is highly active as published scholars and as members of professional societies. The faculty is not only dedicated to their professional knowledge, but also their abilities as educators. Faculty members are active in mentoring, head programs that focus on student success, and are also active in student clubs and organizations. The involvement of individual faculty members can be viewed on the faculty pages, accessible from the link above.