Media and Instructional Technology

The goal of Media & Instructional Technology is to facilitate excellence in the teaching, learning research, and service functions of the college by providing centralized leadership and creative support for the effective use of all instructional technologies.

Multimedia Classrooms
As of Fall 2012, Westchester Community College will have 143 technology-enhanced classrooms. 28 are in the Technology Building, 27 in the Classroom building, 16 in the Science building, 9 in the Library, 1 in the Student Center, 21 in the Academic Arts Building, 6 in the Health-Science Building, 1 in the Physical Education building and 34 in the Gateway Center. In addition, the Westchester Community College Extension Centers have technology enhanced classrooms as well.

Each multimedia classroom has a presenter PC, projector, sound system, multimedia players (DVD and VCR) and document cameras for projecting printed materials in addition to SMART Interactive Technology. AV technicians provide support for College instructional areas in addition to developing certified training programs for end-users.

Internet Protocol (IP) Videoconferencing and Cable TV Systems

Media and Instructional Technology facilitates and supports videoconferencing and IPTV technology.

Multimedia Training