Computer Information Systems/Cybersecurity Department

Denise Sullivan
Classroom Bld., Rm 47

Robert Albano
Classroom Bld., Rm 09

John C. Watkins
Classroom Bld., Rm 09

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major provides a firm foundation in technology, while introducing the student to the use of technology in business areas. The CIS major is the bridge between business problems and technological solutions. Topics of study include technology, databases, networks, systems analysis, and security. The curriculum is designed for both the student who intends to seek full-time employment after graduation and the student who wishes to transfer to Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or Information Technology programs at a four-year college. Graduates of the program are prepared for a variety of entry-level positions in information systems.

The Cybersecurity major provides a firm foundation in the basic principles of business security. It covers the functions of hardware, operating systems, databases and networks. It is designed to integrate skills in the areas of information management, PC security, cyber-security, the proper collection and analysis of computer based evidence and protecting that evidence for courts of law.