Division of Business, Behavioral/Social Sciences, Public & Human Services

Dean Carmen Martinez-Lopez, CLA-201, 914-606-6993

Department Department Chair Email Office Tel. Ext.
Accounting S. Marino CLA-41 6557
Behavioral & Social Science J. Stokes CLA-39 6676
Business S. Rogers GTW-354 7973
Computer and Office Technologies J. Ranucci CLA-48 6661
Human Services M. Dreyfus CLA-40 6797


Curriculum Curriculum Chair Email Office Tel. Ext.
Accounting C. Christesen CLA-8 6876
Business Administration S. Rogers GTW-354 7973
Marketing P. Fein GTW-348 6219
Fashion Merchandising K. Schlusberg GTW-311 5632
Fashion Design & Technology S. Scibelli GTW-313 6996
Chemical Dependency R. Jazwinski CLA-1 6289
Criminal Justice D. Wedlick CLA-24 6792
Computer Information Systems D. Sullivan CLA-47 6988
Human Services H. O’Brien CLA-45 8520
Early Childhood S. Hanna CLA-5 6625
Liberal Arts/Social Science G. Keteku CLA-36 6218
Liberal Arts/Social Science (Childhood Education) S. Yanofsky AAB-302 8539
Medical Billing and Coding J. Ranucci CLA-48 6661
Office Technologies J. Ranucci CLA-48 6661
Paralegal K. Gilmore CLA-21 6972
Global Business R. Hyland GTW-340 6553
Teaching Assistant S. Yanofsky AAB-302A 8539