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Why take a reading a course?
Reading is much more than simply understanding the words. Our reading classes are designed to develop effective comprehension and vocabulary skills. Higher level reading and thinking skills are essential for both college and career success.

READ 93 – Foundations of College Reading –  0 credits
This course is designed to help students improve the reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and study strategies needed to achieve a college-level reading proficiency and to succeed in college work. Students learn efficient textbook reading strategies and develop a college-level vocabulary. Literal comprehension is emphasized. Students are required to complete fifteen hours of work in the Academic Support Center over the course of the semester. Students are assigned to Foundations of College Reading based on the results of the placement exam. Class Hours: 3. Offered every semester.

READ 105 – Analytical Reading – 3 credits
This course is designed to improve students’ reading efficiency and analytical reading ability as needed to successfully read advanced college-level material and to become lifelong readers. Critical comprehension skills, such as making inferences, distinguishing between facts and opinions, and making critical judgments, are emphasized. This course focuses on helping students to improve reading rate and reading flexibility. These skills are designed to be applicable to texts in other college courses. Class Hours: 3. Prerequisite: READ 93 Foundations of College Reading or appropriate placement score. Offered every semester.