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Why take College Success?
Success in college is largely a result of motivation, planning and application of various skills, such as test-taking, time management, and critical thinking. This valuable course helps students plan for success and sharpen the skills that are essential for success in college and beyond the college experience.

COLSC 101 – College Success – 3 credits
This is an elective course designed to help students develop skills that are essential for academic and personal success. The course applies theory and practice from many academic disciplines. Students have the opportunity to apply these techniques to the tasks they face as college freshmen. Emphasis is on critical thinking, success strategies, goal setting, learning and memory theory, and study skills, with an emphasis on appreciation for cultural diversity. Class hours: 3. Offered every semester.

Department of Reading & Study Skills – College Success Awards Program

What are the College Success Awards?
Two students will be selected from each College Success class for a book award. From this group of students, two will be selected to receive the Distinguished Master Student Award. These students will receive a $200 gift certificate from the Westchester Community College Foundation for the Bookstore.

What is the student entry responsibility?
Write an essay on the topic: “How do you define success?” The essay should not exceed 750 words. This essay should be submitted to your College Success professor.

What are the criteria for evaluation?
The following criteria will be used to evaluate students: the submitted essay, class performance, regular attendance, arriving to class on time, homework, class participation, and grades on exams and papers. In addition, students must clearly demonstrate many of the “master student” qualities listed in the textbook.

When will the awards be presented?

The third Wednesday in April

11:00 – 1:00 (Common Hour)

A light lunch will be served.

Department of Reading & Study Skills – Success Team
The Success Team encourages students to create social bonds that increase their academic success. The members and advisors take day and overnight outings, hold fundraisers, and do service for the college. Speakers are invited to broaden students’ understanding of the services that are available to them on campus such as academic scholarships, career opportunities, and the “secrets” of success.

The team meets Wednesdays during Common Hour (11:00 -1:00) in AAB 415.