Division of Arts & Humanities

Jessica P. Seessel, PhD

Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities


Department Department Chair Email Office Tel. Ext.
Arts Melissa Hall AAB-405 6835
Communications and Media Arts Eric Luther AAB-208 6136
English James Werner
Erich Werner (Asst. Chair)
English Language Institute (ELI)
Acad. ESL Credit
General and Acad. ESL Non-Credit
Kent Trickel GTW 223D 8509
Modern Languages Adis Fazzino GTW 223A 6866
Performing Arts Alexis Del Sol AAB 133 6868
Reading & Study Skills Meralee Silverman AAB-523 6678


Curriculum   Curriculum Chair Email Office Tel. Ext.
Communications & Media Arts Eric Luther AAB-208 6136
Digital Film Rosalind Evans AAB-203 6192
Journalism Carol Passariello AAB-214 6119
Liberal Arts/Humanities Elise Martucci AAB-527 7808
Performing Arts Music/Dance/Theatre Rosemarie Serrano AAB-114 7707
Visual Arts Matthew Ferranto AAB-403D 6621