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Frequently asked questions about online learning:

  • What kind of computer do I need?
    You need any computer that has internet access and a supported browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox

  • Can anyone take an online learning course?
    Our online learning courses are open to any WCC student. Individual courses may have specific enrollment prerequisites; see the course catalog for more information.
  • When are online learning courses available?
    Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, during Summer and Winter intersession.
  • Where do classes take place?
    Online classes take place wherever your computer is: at home, at work, on the road — anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Some campus visits may be required.
  • When does my class meet?
    Technically, there are no set class times. Online classes are conducted “asynchronously”. You do your course work whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night, as long as your coursework and exam deadlines are met.
  • Do WCC online learning courses have professors?
    Yes, just like a traditional course, your online learning course has a professor. He or she develops the curriculum, conducts the class, gives the assignments, answers questions, leads discussions, and assigns grades.
  • Will millions of other people be taking my class at the same time as I?
    No, enrollment in each WCC online learning class is limited just the as in a traditional on-campus class.
  • I worry that I’ll miss the face-to-face contact of a classroom. Will I be able to communicate with the professor or other students?
    A lot of people mistakenly assume that they’ll feel isolated in an online learning course. Online Education courses can actually provide a high degree of personal contact. The online format facilitates and enhances classroom interaction through online discussions and group projects. Personal contact is directly dependent on you!
  • What kind of computer or other hardware do I need?
    For online classes, almost any PC or Macintosh computer will be just fine. You’ll also need a modem and a connection to the Internet. Check the Preparing Your Computer for Blackboard page.  
  • How much time do I get to complete an online learning course?
    Online Education courses follow the same calendar schedule as on-campus courses.
  • Do I need to buy a textbook?
    Yes, most online learning courses require a textbook just as on-campus courses do.
  • What if I start a course and decide online learning is not for me?
    Every WCC course on-campus or on-line can be officially dropped. See the WCC calendar for the withdraw date.
  • Does an online learning course cost the same as an on-campus course?
    Yes, you pay the same tuition as any other WCC student plus an online course fee.
  • Can I get a degree online? Can I apply Online Education credits towards my degree?
    At this time WCC offers two degrees and one certificate online. You earn college credits through our online learning courses, which can be applied toward a degree.

  • Do online learning course credits transfer to other colleges?
    Yes, WCC transcripts do not indicate the mode of instruction, only the course number. Whether you study Economics I – Macro, Internet course or in a classroom, your transcript will read ECON 101.