Proctoring Services

Online Students may Visit the CCTC website to find the closest proctoring center in your area. Westchester Community College is a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC).

If NO consortium testing center is available in your area then follow the directions below.

  1.  Find a proctor who meets the Westchester Community College Testing Program requirements.
    1. This proctor should be a faculty member or academic staff member at a regionally accredited college or university, an education officer on a military base, or a designee of the personnel officer of the corporation offering you tuition aid.
    2. Proctors can also be found at regional testing centers, such as Sylvan Learning, Huntington and Stanley Kaplan.
  2. Have the proctor COMPLETE, SIGN and EMAIL the Proctor Agreement Form to your On-line course instructor AT LEAST three (3) weeks prior to the administration of the exam. (Click here for the form.)
  3. Notify your Westchester Community College instructor via Blackboard of the proctor and the details. The instructor must approve the proctor.

*The student is responsible for any postage and/or fee that may be charged by the proctor.

In addition, student can utilized the SUNY Exam Proctoring System, a tool that provides online students with a simple web-based interface to search, locate, and suggest proctored testing centers in New York State. The description for each testing center is searchable within the SUNY Exam Proctoring System.  The description contains location and contact information, and it outlines any applicable fees. In addition to locating testing centers, students and faculty can use the system to suggest a test center if they are unable to find one in their geographic location.

Students can access the SUNY Exam Proctoring System by navigating to:

If you have any questions contact the Office of Online Education by phone at 914-606-6827 or by e-mail at