Online Instruction

A. Online Education Fellowships

The purpose of the Westchester Community College Foundation Professional Development Fellowship for Distance Learning is to provide faculty with funding for the creation and delivery of online courses.

Procedures and guidelines are put forth for each cycle. Additional support may or may not become available in the future. This fellowship is being provided through a collaborative effort of the WCC Foundation, Office of Academic Affairs, Distance Leaning Task Force, Center For Faculty.

Priorities for the current cycle are:

  • Cross-cultural classes
  • Areas of study with no or few online classes
  • Full-time faculty and senior adjuncts who have never had a stipend
  • Second sections of popular classes or classes where the usual instrucor is scheduled for a sabbatical

Online Education Fellowship Application Form

B.  Non-fellowship Course Development

Full-time faculty members who want to convert an existing course to an online course without Online Education Fellowship support are to follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. These guidelines apply to fully online courses only and not to hybrid courses.
  2. Before any fully online course is independently developed it must be approved first by your Department Chair, your Associate Dean and the Academic Vice President.
  3. All Blackboard support and training services provided by the Online Education office are available to you e.g., workshops and one-on-one help.
  4. A laptop and/or upgrade of your office PC may be provided but is not guaranteed.
  5. Scheduling of the course is at the discretion of the Academic Vice President.
  6. Each semester the online course is offered
    1. it must replace an on-campus section of a corresponding course.
    2. it must have a minimum enrollment of 15
    3. it will have a maximum enrollment of 28 except for the first time it is offered when the maximum will be 22.
    4. Developmental classes have the same maximum as developmental classes on campus.
    5. The first two times you teach your course Section 3.9 of the contract is suspended and no one can “bump” you from teaching the course.


C.  Supplement Development

A. The Online Education office encourages faculty to use Blackboard as a supplement.  At the present time there are no restrictions on the number of Blackboard supplements an instructor may have. Blackboard supplement shells are automatically set-up when classes are added from the student information system. To access your shell, sign in to Blackboard with your user name and password.