Information for Students/Parents (ACE)

“I am so glad that these classes were available during high school. These classes better prepared me for college and I started off on the right foot thanks to this program!”

Former ACE student, Brewster High School

How to Register

  • Complete the ACE enrollment form your high school teacher will give you in September.
  • Have your parent or guardian sign the form.
  • Return the signed form to your high school teacher by the date he/she gives you.
  • Your teacher will send the form to the college and we’ll enroll you in the ACE class.
  • To submit a missing social security number, click here for the ACE social security number submission form.

Tuition Payment Information

  • Complete the invoice your teacher will give you with your name and address.
  • Return the invoice to the college with your check or money order by the payment deadline.
  • ACE students are charged a reduced tuition fee. For 2015-2016, tuition will be $59.67 per credit.
  • All fees are waived for ACE students.
  • There are no refunds for ACE classes.
  • If you drop the class, you must notify the college (not your high school) in writing. Email us at
  • If you were notified about a problem with your credit card payment, click here for the ACE credit card payment form.

Request a Transcript

  • At the end of the class in June 2016, a grade will be recorded for you on an official WCC college transcript.
  • The student must request an official copy of his transcript to be sent to his college for transfer credit.
  • Click here for information on how to request a transcript.

Access Your Student Info on MyWCC

  • If you would like to verify your credits and grades you may do so using MyWCC, our self-service student information system. You’ll need to set up your account at MyWCC; to do so, you’ll need instructions and your unique sign-on.
  • To receive your unique sign-on: send an email requesting it to; we’ll need your name, high school, teacher’s name and date of birth.
  • Click here for directions to set up your MyWCC account.

To Enroll at Westchester Community College for More Classes:

  • Please keep in mind that your status at Westchester Community College is that of an ACE student. If you plan to enroll here for regular classes at any time, you must file an official Application for Admission with the Admissions Office (informing them of your current ACE status), be admitted to the college, and have your records transferred to undergraduate status. You cannot simply register on your own for regular classes as an ACE student.