Ways to Volunteer

These are some of the areas in which our volunteers participate:

Graduates of Westchester Community College have a unique opportunity to volunteer by participating in alumni events. Members of the Alumni Council meet once a month to plan programs. Other volunteers help out with mailings, publicity, assisting at actual events or advocating for the College at meetings of the County Legislature.


The Academy is designed to meet the needs of “small business” owners. It offers an intensive fifteen week program combining executive coaching, classroom training and business plan presentations. Volunteers conduct the classroom training sessions and participate as consultants to review business plans.


The Collegium for Lifelong Learning is a seniors program offering a menu of challenging intellectual courses that cross many fascinating disciplines. Offerings have included classes on Mid-East Literature, the Landscape of Art, Hollywood Moguls and Fiction, and Science and Survival. Volunteers plan, administer and teach the program.


Teamed one-on-one, volunteers help students studying English as a Second Language (ESL) with their daily English speaking skills. Working together one hour a week, Conversation Partners help their students with vocabulary, fluency, and developing confidence in their newly acquired language.

Group Discussion Sessions
Conversation Partners lead additional small group discussion sessions for ESL students helping them practice speaking during this interactive series called “Something To Talk About.”

Offering an incredible array of cultural activities for WCC students and the community at large, volunteers coordinate events, helping with mailings, handling ticket sales and preparing journals. Proceeds raise money to support a student scholarship.


Workplace Culture Coaching: 
The Program offers business students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a corporate mentor. Students visit their volunteer mentors at their respective corporate sites. Mentors show students the corporate environment while helping them explore career options and the professional working world.

Special Services Mentoring: 
Volunteers work one-on- one with a special needs student helping them with time management and organizational skills. Working under the guidance of the Disability Services Office, they help their students function more productively in a college environment.

The Native Plant Center is a hub of activity including lectures, luncheons, an annual plant sale and art show, and field trips. Volunteers on the Steering Committee help set the Center’s agenda, while others help with the annual events or on maintaining the Demonstration Gardens. The Center also runs the Green Thumbs at the College, a group of volunteers helping to beautify the campus each spring.

Volunteers assist with Foundation Mailings, help set up Career and Transfer Fairs, and serve as ushers at Performing Arts Events on an as needed basis.



Using their unique artistic skills such as printmaking, sculpture, painting or drawing, volunteers work hands-on with students in class, offering them guidance and suggestions with their work.

Center for the Arts
The Center for the Arts, Westchester Community College’s ceramic education facility, is one of the most extensive in the county. Volunteers are needed, to assist the studio manager with a broad spectrum of tasks. Individuals must possess a desire to learn, and a willing spirit, no experience is necessary. Click  here for more information. Please contact Lois Toolen at 914-606-7516 or email:



Academic Support Center:
Working one-on-one or in small groups with students in a “tutoring center” environment, volunteers can work with reading, math, or ESL skills. Reading is skills based tutoring including note taking, main idea development, and comprehension. Math tutoring begins with computational skills and goes up through college algebra with trigonometry. ESL tutoring focuses on grammar, language and usage.

Writing Center:
Teamed one-on-one, volunteers assist and guide students through the organizational and analytical writing process. The work can be as basic as helping with grammar, punctuation, and paragraphing. It can also be as complex as helping with analytical essays, research papers, and documentation.

Math-Physics Tutorial:
Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups. The math component of the tutorial encompasses College Algebra with Trigonometry, Statistics, Finite Math, and all levels of Calculus. The physics component encompasses Tech Physics I and II.

Science Tutorial:
Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups. They provide assistance with all levels of Biology, Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, and all levels of Chemistry.

Computer Tutorials

CIS Tutorial:
Tutors help students work on word processing, spreadsheets, database programs, and programming languages.

CS Tutorial:
Tutoring for Intro to Computing & Computer Programming, Java, Linux Op System, Computer Architecture & GUI Development.


Foundation volunteers help plan and support special events that are held throughout the year to raise scholarship funds and to enhance the cultural life of the community. Events include Celebrity Salons, the President’s Forum and Spring for Scholarships.

Join our Volunteer Corps. Come see for yourself how you can make a difference. For more information about the Westchester Community College Volunteer Program, call the Volunteer Office at 914-606-6805/6506, or stop by Room S231 in the Gateway Center.