Network Security Policy

To maintain the security of our technology infrastructure, the college enforces the following policy:

  • All PCs, laptops, and other computing equipment are banned from connection to the College data network (StarNet) UNLESS such equipment was purchased through Information Technology (IT) for the purpose of connecting to the College data network OR prior written approval for connectivity has been granted by IT. This policy excludes wireless computers where wireless connections are available and the wired ports provided in the Library for student laptops to connect to the college’s network.
  • Under NO circumstances is a College PC or other computing equipment to be unplugged from a network jack. This policy excludes College portable equipment.
  • Unauthorized PCs, laptops, and other computing equipment that are connected to the college’s network are in violation of the Computer Use Policy (Student and Employee policy). Such unauthorized computing equipment puts Westchester Community Colleges entire administrative and instructional services at risk, and will be quarantined. Further disciplinary action may be taken.

Procedures have been developed to obtain approval for non-IT computer equipment to be attached to Westchester Community College’s data network (i.e., plugging non-Westchester Community College equipment into a network jack.)

For procedures that can certify laptops and other portable computers to the WCC data network, see the documents Certify Non-Westchester Community College Laptops and Certify DL & Division Laptops.

No exceptions to this policy will be made for students. Students can connect to the network in areas designated for student use, for example, the Library.

NOTE: As a convenience to students and visitors, Westchester Community College provides Internet access through wireless access throughout campus and wired jacks at designated locations in the Library. These connections are isolated from the Westchester Community College data network and do not offer any protection from other users; all connected users, in the jargon of networks, are unauthenticated; that is, they are connecting to the Internet without logging on to a local area network node and identifying themselves as authorized users of the local area network. For more advice on using wireless access points, see Westchester Community College Wireless Access Points.

Users are required to accept the College’s Guest Wireless Access Acceptable Use Policy before gaining access to Westchester Community College data network.

When you attach to the Internet using these facilities, you must protect yourself against other users by practicing safe computing. This means that at a minimum, you should: 1) have your virus protection up-to-date, and 2) have all Windows security patches installed. In no case is Westchester Community College responsible for data loss resulting from the use of the wireless access points or student-accessible connections.

For hints about safe computing practices, see Protecting Your System.