College Laptop Certification

College Laptop Certification for attachment to Westchester Community College Wired Network

WHO: All faculty members who have a laptop computer provided by College IT.

WHAT: Certification of Westchester Community College computing equipment for connection to Westchester Community College wired network

WHERE: Westchester Community College

WHEN: Once a Year

WHY: Reduce college’s network risk to attack from computer viruses and worms.

The following procedure applies to laptops supplied by College IT. Under NO circumstances are other types of computing equipment to be attached to the Westchester Community College wired network (also called StarNet) including, but not limited to, routers, hubs, and switches.

The certification procedure must be repeated once per year for continued access to the Internet through the Westchester Community College wired data network. An email will be sent by a Technical Services representative letting you know when it’s time to have a laptop checkup.

Do NOT attach a laptop to the network unless it is certified as secure by Information Technology, as follows:

When requested bring laptops to:

Tec 27 (Technical Services Office)

The technician will:

  • Scan laptop for viruses and clean any found.
  • Update and configure McAfee VirusScan as necessary to ensure that VirusScan’s definition files are up-to-date and updated automatically.
  • Install minimum required Microsoft Windows security patches to make the laptop safe for connection to the Westchester Community College data network (StarNet).
  • Connect laptop to the network.
  • Go to Windows Update Web site and install any remaining Microsoft security patches, and set Windows to check automatically for future updates.
  • Run a complete security diagnostic and update any out of date programs and plugins.

The steps outlined above may require substantial time, in which case you will be asked to leave the laptop for a period of time, possibly a day or more. Laptops will be processed first-come, first-served. Plan accordingly. The best day to drop off your laptop is on Thursday. Most laptop repairs and certifications are done Friday to Monday.

Note that any updates you perform prior to certification will greatly decrease the time it takes to complete the process – update virus .dat files and install all of the critical updates from Windows Update.

Include your AC adapter when you present your machine for certification so that the laptop operates at optimal efficiency during the certification process.

Please note that any time your College laptop requires service, the appropriate lab technician will not only solve current problems but ensure that your Westchester Community College laptop conforms to Westchester Community College’s requirements.

Connecting Personal Laptops and Equipment to the College Wired Network

If you wish to use your own personal laptop in the classroom and wish to connect to the Westchester Community College wired network for instructional purposes, see the procedure Certify Non-Westchester Community College Laptops.