Certification of Equipment

Note: If you connect to the internet via Asgard, the college’s wireless network, you do not need to have your computer certified. If you attach a computer not owned by the college to a network cable in any classroom, you must have the equipment certified as described below.

Certification of Personal, non-Westchester Community College computing equipment for attachment to Westchester Community College Data Network

WHO: All full-time and part-time faculty, guest lecturers, and vendors.

WHAT: Certification of non-Westchester Community College computing equipment for connection to Westchester Community College data network

WHERE: Westchester Community College

WHEN: Once a Semester

WHY: Reduce college’s risk to attack from computer viruses and worms.

The following procedure applies to computers such as, but not limited to: laptops, tablet PCs, desktop PCs, and notebooks. Under NO circumstances are other types of computing equipment to be attached to the Westchester Community College data network (also called StarNet) including, but not limited to, routers, hubs, and switches.

You must repeat this procedure at least once a semester if you need continued access to the Internet through the Westchester Community College data network. You must provide a preferred e-mail address for contact if laptops must be recalled for interim certification – for example, if a serious virus or worm becomes public and assurances are required that laptops have received security patches to prevent infection.

Laptops are NOT to be attached to the network unless certified secure by IT, as follows:

  • You will bring your laptop to the lab technicians’ office in Technology Building, Room 25B. Call 914-606-6995 for information about scheduling the certification procedure.
  • You will sign a disclaimer and acknowledgement. The disclaimer removes liability from Information Technology for problems, if any, created in bringing the laptop up to security standards. The acknowledgement acknowledges receipt of the form and understanding of the requirements of the procedure (maintain current security levels, etc.)

The lab technician will:

  • Scan laptop for major viruses and clean any found (if possible).
  • Install minimum required Microsoft security patches to make the laptop safe for connection to the Westchester Community College wired network (StarNet).
  • Connect laptop to the network.
  • Go to Windows Update web site and install any remaining security patches.

If your machine fails at any of these steps, it will not be certified.

The steps outlined above will require a minimum of 20 minutes and possibly as much as 2 hours; if a large number of laptops are submitted for certification, you may be asked to leave the laptop for a period of time, possibly a day or more. Laptops will be processed first-come, first-served. Plan accordingly.

You can greatly decrease the time required to certify your machine if you update your virus definition files, run a full-system scan, and install all critical updates from Windows Update.

In addition, if your laptop has an external CD-Rom drive, include the drive when you present the machine for certification. Also bring the AC adapter so that the machine operates at optimal efficiency during the certification process.

If you have been issued a laptop computer by College IT, see College Laptop Certification.

For instructions on protecting your system, see Protecting Your System.