Student Profiles

Amanda_Strobl_1 Amanda Strobl
As a recipient of a Kathryn W. Davis scholarship, I’d like to make a difference, not just give my time to an existing organization, or add on to what is already being done…I want to innovate, inspire, and create change. I want to aid with the positive transition of those who are released from incarceration. I would like to help make their return to society easier by addressing some of the concerns they may have upon release. For example, where they are going to live, how they are going to make a living and adapt to the world they are going back into (which they may not have seen in years). This is how I would like to impact the world.
Annmarie_Springer_5 Annmarie Springer
I am currently enrolled in my second year of study at Westchester Community College. Like many students here, I am a first generation college student. However, more surprisingly, I am also a first generation high school graduate as well. My parents are native to the United States but unfortunately never obtained their high school diplomas. I am majoring in Liberal Arts/Mathematics and Science. I plan to transfer this May (2016) to a four- year institution to continue my studies in biology. Soon after, I plan to attend a prestigious medical school and achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a pediatrician.
Ashley_Delgado_6 Ashley Delgado
I’m a current student at Westchester Community College and I hope to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) in the future. I have always tried to be caring, passionate and hard working. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a job where I can help people in a positive way. I want to be someone who impacts the lives of others. One of the scariest things in life is feeling like you cannot be successful because of your race or financial status. As an individual who was not born in the U.S., I know what it is like to have to work hard to adapt. That has helped me appreciate the little things in life. I strongly believe that with hard work, everything is possible. Higher education has been a dream for my family and for myself. My family has taught me the meaning of hard work and sacrifice. With this type of attitude and thanks to the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship, which I received in 2015, I have been able to continue my education and further my dreams. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and to be part of such an amazing diverse group of scholars. After graduating with my associate degree, I plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue my education in dietetics and earn my bachelor’s degree.
 Brulinda_Frangaj_5 Brulinda Frangaj
Four years ago, I moved here from Albania with a suitcase full of dreams and determined to achieve. Nothing about the move was easy. It was hard to adjust to the American system of education and even harder to integrate into the society. I wanted to fully engage in the community and enjoy all the opportunities but my lack of English skills limited my chances and didn’t allow me to explore my potential as a high school student.When the time came to enroll into college, I chose Westchester Community College, and it has turned out to be a great decision! The experience I have had  here has been very beneficial to my intellectual growth and my educational pathway. The environment on campus is very captivating with its numerous activities, and the staff and faculty are very supportive and inspiring. Currently, I am in my fourth semester and I am involved with the Student Government Association, clubs, organizations, athletics, and honors societies/programs. The communication barrier is fading more and more each day, and being socially and academically involved has strongly contributed to that. Consequently, my leadership skills have improved.
 Daqwan_Chisolm_2 Daqwan Chisolm
I am excited about attending Westchester Community College. I am enjoying the school and the students and I am looking forward to what is ahead! As a Davis scholar, I am working on a plan to help others.
Eliwaja_Ifuja_2 Eliwaja Ifuja
My name is Eliwaja, but you can call me Ellie. I am from Tanzania. I speak five languages. I am highly motivated to work with needy youth. My goal in this program is to create a project that will make a difference in someone else’s life, just like the Kathryn W. Davis scholarship has changed mine. I am very grateful to be part of this experience. While working toward the achievement of my goals, I will open my hands to help others reach their destiny.
 Gustavo_7 Gustavo Ferreira Comonian
Since I was very young, I have always had a passion for languages. In addition to my inquisitive nature, I’ve made it my passion to travel the world and admire other languages and their respective cultures.I came to the United States as an Au Pair, and after finishing, I decided to stay in the country to receive a better education. Life has been a challenge ever since I left my country, but adversity only makes me grow stronger. Westchester Community College has been helping me find strength to keep going, the will to carry on, and the knowledge to transform every situation into a learning experience. The Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholars program has not only given me the opportunity to finish my degrees here, but also the chance to grow even more as a person. This program has allowed me to focus my time and energy on studying and working towards a brighter future, both for me and the people that I’ll be helping.Back in Brazil, I spent several years teaching English to students of many different ages. Helping other people understand the beauty that comes from other languages and cultures, and seeing the smile on their faces, brings joy to my heart and a smile to my lips. I hope to do more of this work in the future.
 Hakim_Kahlaoui_4 Hakim El Kahlaoui
I was born in Morocco, and I am a full-time student majoring in Computer Science. Westchester Community College offers all kinds of different scholarships and many opportunities for students. For me personally, I have found my calling through the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship which encourage us to volunteer by giving a helping hand to others. Honestly, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a better world with everyone helping each other?
 Iva_Gibesic_7 Iva Grbesic
I am an international student from Croatia. My dream of becoming a fashion designer is coming true, thanks to the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to giving back to the community and helping all those in need.
Jessica_Ramos_5 Jessica Ramos
I am a first generation Brazilian immigrant. I was born and raised in the town of Mount Vernon and attended Mount Vernon High School. I graduated in 2013. I plan on earning my associate’s degree in Liberal Arts at Westchester Community College. Thanks to the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship, I am able to pursue my higher education. This scholarship has afforded me many opportunities for which I am very grateful. I hope to transfer to NYU to get my Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism. Hopefully, one day, I will become a journalist.
Kimani_Muthra_2 Kimani Muthra
Enrolling in Westchester Community College was one of the best decisions I could have made for my education. My experiences at the college have allowed me to develop in ways I had not previously expected. In my time here, I have been elected as a representative for the many students who attend Westchester, and I currently am a member of the college’s Board of Trustees. In this role, I have used my influence to advocate on behalf of those who are underrepresented and need support. I have come to deeply appreciate this opportunity and the responsibility that has come along with it. So naturally, when I was nominated for the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship, I was excited to learn of its community outreach component. I realized that this opportunity will allow me to use all that I have learned as a student advocate toward my work for the greater community.
 Kimberly_Carlo_7 Kimberly Carlo
When I applied for college at Westchester Community College, I was very hesitant about going back to school, as I had taken a year off after doing a semester at a different college. I didn’t think I was going to do well here. However, being here has opened so many doors for me. Receiving the Davis scholarship, joining Phi Theta Kappa, and meeting so many amazing professors and classmates has led me to believe in myself more than ever before. I am very passionate about animals, helping people, and art, and I hope to do something in the future that includes all of these things. I plan on transferring to a four-year college or university after I get my degree here. This program has given me a chance I never thought I would have received, and I am happy I have an opportunity to give back to others and meet amazing people in the process.
 Linda_Forman_3 Linda Forman
I am grateful to the Westchester Community College Foundation for selecting me as a recipient of a Kathryn W. Davis Scholarship. I am truly honored. I am inspired by Mrs. Davis’ lifetime work, her endless energy, and her vision to prepare the world for peace during the 21 century. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to meet her.I am also thankful for her generosity which has made it possible for me to continue my education in Nursing. Like Mrs. Davis, I value all that I have learned through my international friends, my love for travel, and my mission of helping others less fortunate than myself. I am most excited to continue my volunteering, here on campus, in my community with other Davis Scholars, and abroad with my church’s medical mission trips to orphanages. My future wish is to continue my schooling after Westchester Community College and, as an RN, receive my Bachelor’s Degree.
Manami_Moniyama_3 Manami Moriyama
I’m from Japan and I am twenty years old. I like fashion, music, movies, and sports. I want to help young people and women through my Kathryn W. Davis Global Scholarship service project.
Natasha_Morrison_2 Natasha Morrison
I’m the first person in my family to pursue a degree, and the Davis scholarship has helped ease my financial burden. Now, I do not have to work full-time to support myself and I can focus on my education.
Oman_Reatiga_4 Omar Reatiga
I am a Dietetic Technician major with a love and passion for both nutrition and physical fitness.  I plan to strive for a career in Nutrition, with a specialization in Diabetic treatment, together with studies in Fitness Training.  After graduating, I plan to help the community in fighting Diabetes, one patient/client at a time.  Thanks to the Kathryn Davis Global Scholarship, I am one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams.
 Selene_Carrillo_4 Selene Carrillo Alvarez
Sometimes we don’t make the right decisions or sometimes opportunities come a little bit late. I believe that much of this has to do with the concept of “God’s perfect time.” My name is Selene Carrillo, and I am an international student. I’m majoring in Human Services. When I graduate from Westchester Community College, I would like to transfer to a four-year university and get my degree in order to become a social worker.Born and raised in Mexico, I arrived in the United States a few years ago through an exchange program called Au Pair, which places young people in American families for one or two years. I was determined to learn to speak English, so I enrolled at Westchester Community College to study English as a Second Language for the first time. After completing my time successfully with the Au Pair Program and having had a great experience and a very good relationship with my host family, I found myself back home in Mexico.One day talking on Skype with my host mom about the struggles I was having financially, she offered to sponsor my studies. She said that the family missed me, and they would try to help me as much as they could. At first I couldn’t believe what she was offering me because it was like a dream come true. Since I was so worried about my finances,  I never thought that someone could help me so much. In 2013, I came back to New York and again began taking the necessary English as a Second Language classes needed to qualify to take college credit classes.Since enrolling in those credit courses, I have been given the opportunity to get involved in different clubs and programs and to meet people from various cultures and countries. In my first semester, I joined the International Friendship Club, and now I have become the Vice President of this club. My first summer as a student, I was selected to be an Orientation Leader/Peer Advisor. Last Spring, I participated in the Commit to Change program, which helped me to develop my skills, become more self-confident, and learn how to be a leader. Every time I get involved in something new, it makes me feel that I truly need to act and help in the community. I see myself working as a social worker helping the Hispanic community through their everyday struggles including their adjustments to  cultural differences. I will use my knowledge to serve others, especially children with issues in their lives and problems with their families. All that I have done so far makes me feel very proud of myself. I would love to serve the community in order to show people that somebody does care.
 Treshana_Jonas_Hyatt_4 Treshana Jonas-Hyatt
For as long as I can remember, I have always had a drive to help others. I am a Human Services major and I am passionate about helping to enhance the lives of those in my community. My greatest joys have come from the priceless moments I have shared assisting people through my internships here at Westchester Community College. Through the Kathryn W. Davis Scholarship, I have been able to put forth my best effort and excel academically. Upon completion of my degree at Westchester Community College, I plan to attend a four-year college followed by grad school. I want to go into  Occupational Therapy, where I can further provide a better quality of life for the people in my community. Thanks to Westchester Community College, I am one step closer to my goal.
William_D'Onorfrio+Smith_4 William D’Onofrio-Smith
I am from Yonkers and I attended Saunders High School. I am enjoying my studies here and I am looking forward to working on community service projects though the Kathryn W. Davis Global Scholarship program. I am a Business major.
 Joseph_Baviello_3 Joseph Baviello
I am honored to have been chosen as a member of the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholars.  There was once a time where I thought I would struggle with college. However, the way I see it, to fail is to give up on one’s dreams. With this in mind, I was able to persevere through my first semester. This encourages me to continue on my path of success, and I hope to someday own my own business. Westchester Community College has reinforced my values by providing me with  supportive, effective faculty and a nurturing environment which has helped me establish a proper foundation to build upon. In searching for a career path, I have taken an introspective look at myself. As a result, I have learned to improve by learning from my failures, relentlessly pursuing my goals, as I act on opportunities that come my way.Now, in my second year at Westchester Community College, I am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Society, alongside my involvement with the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholars program. I am beyond grateful for the tremendous opportunity the Kathryn W. Davis Scholarship has given me, to not only earn my associate degree, but to help provide an opportunity to give back to my community, which is truly remarkable.My life has been transformed due to being involved with a diverse group of students both in and out of the classroom. Westchester Community College encourages us to break the limits that we cast upon ourselves as human beings so we may excel in our careers and achieve our goals. I have been inspired to give back to the community which has provided me with all that I could ever need.  After earning my associates degree, I plan to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue my education by earning a MBA degree.
Richard-Farrow-1 Richard Farrow Balances Courses, Bowling and NYPD

Richard Farrow Jr. is a second-year student at Westchester Community College, pursuing his associate degree in criminal justice. At 33, he is a 10-year veteran of the Parking Enforcement Division of the New York Police Department. Farrow spends his days maintaining traffic flow, securing motorist and pedestrian safety and issuing summonses to vehicles in violation.

He’s looking to move up in the ranks by going further with his education. He’s considering moving on to John Jay College with an ultimate goal of being a police officer.

“As a young man, I always saw myself helping people and volunteering my service in any way that I could,” says Farrow, who lives in Yonkers. “With the NYPD, I can continue that vision.”

As a non-traditional student working 40 hours a week, plus overtime, Farrow might not sound like someone who has much time for extracurricular activities – but in fact, he is in his second year bowling for Westchester Community College’s men’s team. When he arrived at the college, Farrow was determined to do it all.

“Bowling is a big hobby of mine, and I make time to fit it into my busy schedule,” says Farrow. “When I decided to come to this school, my focus was and still is on getting my degree. But when I heard about the bowling team, I was very interested. So I decided that while I’m at Westchester Community College, I would take part in something – and bowling it was.”

When he’s not working, attending classes or bowling, Farrow enjoys relaxing by watching basketball and movies. But he admits that spare time is a rare treat.

So how does he do everything that needs to be done?

“I get most of my work done before and after classes each day,” he says. “Sometimes I’m up until 1 in the morning. But it’s just a determination to get things done. If that means being up later at night to get my coursework done and finish ahead of schedule, then that’s what I have to do.”

Farrow says that he’s committed to making the time to bowl, and really likes being a part of the team.

“I just enjoy this group of young men and the effort we put in as a team,” he says. “We try to do our best to win. This year’s team is really coming together and competing well.”

And as someone who works hard in every aspect of his life, it should come as no surprise that Farrow has some goals as a bowler.

“I want to get my average up to the 190s, and I want to win a medal. Hopefully I can achieve one of these goals.”

 Carmen-Guillen Carmen Guillen
Seven years ago, I came to this country with a bag full of dreams to accomplish; getting a college education was one of them. Upon my arrival I dedicated myself to learning the English language. I had multiple jobs at the same time, and although I felt exhausted, I always thought that the effort was necessary and that eventually, it would be rewarded.After some detours, I started attending WCC in the spring of 2012 as a part-time student. Two years later, I was awarded this wonderful scholar-ship, which made it possible for me to become a full-time student. Words cannot express how thankful and lucky I feel for this opportunity, which in addition to covering my tuition and books will also allow me to give back to the community, a feature that makes this scholarship so meaningful.I plan on majoring in Global Business and moving on to a four-year institution. I am confident that the classes I am currently taking at WCC will give me the preparation I need to move on with my career and life in general. Sharing the classroom with students with such diverse backgrounds has been a rewarding experience. WCC means more to me than the place where I started my college education. I am proud to say that I attend a school where professors guide and support students all the way and see them as human beings with ambitions and dreams, who need to be prepared for their future.I thank the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship for making the dreams of students like me come true. I am very appreciative of this wonderful opportunity.
 Chiaki-Hagiwara Chiaki Hagiwara
Growing up I was a relatively quiet, reserved and shy kind of person. It was difficult for me to voice my thoughts, and I struggled to reach out to others. However, I always had a passion for the arts, and it helped me express myself in a creative manner. But the realities of finding a job in an art related field made me insecure to pursue an artistic career. When I came to Westchester Community College, I chose to study art because I could not think of any other options that were suited for me. I have to say I could not have asked for a better school to have prepared me for my future. With amazingly supportive faculty and peers, I have been able to rekindle my passion of drawing to be-come an illustrator and pursue higher goals. In addition, by involving myself with the school community and interacting with other goal-oriented students, I have been able to gain incredible friendships and become a more outgoing and confident person. Upon graduation, I intend to go into a 4 year institution so I can major in illustration and bring forth my artistic vision to the world.
 davidrowland David Rowland
As a little child I was inspired. I was motivated to be the best I could be. I didn’t let what people thought of me define who I was. My name is David Rowland. I am a self motivated, hard working, goal oriented individual. I am an ambassador of peace who believes in bringing out the best in people. Every-body deserves to be loved and happy. Growing up with limited resources made me who I am today. Learning and growing up the hard way has em-powered me to be able to tackle any dilemma that life throws at me. Hard work is the ultimate key to success. It is not about where I am starting from; what matters the most it where I am going.
 David-Sparks David Sparks
I aspire to be a marine biologist in order to research the deep ocean. I cannot wait to gaze with my own eyes on the unseen fathoms and to bring its hidden secrets to the surface. I want to discover and create new knowledge in order to understand the inner workings of the universe we live in; how are Chimaeriformes capable of cruising by in pitch black waters, yet still find the bare necessities? What is their motivation to move when there is hardly even a trace of food? This is why I plan to pursue a PhD. in Marine BiologyI am thankful for the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship and its support of the pursuits of young community college students. It has been a life-changing experience, working with such diverse people, and being a part of a sustainable, community impacting program.
 Emily-Badillo Emily Badillo
Westchester Community College has been a great stepping stone for me. I originally came to this school after taking a gap year following my graduation from high school. This school has provided me with so many opportunities for growth and success, both personally and academically. I was elected President of Westchester Community College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. I am very thankful for all the life experiences I have had and the amazing connections I have made throughout my time at Westchester Community College. I am looking to pursue a degree in Psychology once I transfer to a four-year school.
 Frank-Malizia Frank Malizia
I am proud to have been chosen as a member of the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholars. This opportunity has benefited me both academically as well as personally. The ability to give back to the community alongside a group of phenomenal peers is an irreplaceable experience. This is a memory that will follow me throughout my career, and for that I am truly grateful.
 Georgette-Gordon Georgette Gordon
For as far back as I can remember I have always had a knack for assisting others. There is just something about offering a helping hand that brings bliss to my heart. It is this passion that has motivated me to take the path I am on right now…the path to becoming an MD.Although this road has not been an easy one, I can truly say that it has been a much fulfilling one so far. My journey has allowed to meet so many people, who, like me, are on the boulevard to success. I have also been blessed to have had such wonderful professors who were always willing to give a helping hand as well as treasured guidance.One thing that keeps me going is that after I get to the end of the street, I will truly be able to look back on my achievements and say “I did it” and I have no regrets.
 Gladys-Guevara Gladys Guevara
After graduating from high school on June 2013, I was very excited about going to college but I had to face many obstacles throughout this process. Receiving a scholarship from Westchester Community College allowed me to reach my goal of going to college.Now, in my second year at WCC, I am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and part of the Kathryn Davis Global Community Scholars. The Global Community Scholars program has given me the opportunity to continue with my second year at the college, the opportunity to earn my associate degree, and the opportunity to give back to my community. After attending WCC, I am planning to transfer to a four-year college to continue with my education. I am very grateful to the Westchester Community College Foundation and to their generous donors who have changed my life.
 Joseph-Lyons Joseph Lyons
Enrolling in Westchester Community College was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my future. Being awarded the Kathryn Davis scholarship not only gave me the confidence I needed to push forward, but allowed me to continue my studies without having the stress of a huge financial burden. I am currently enrolled in the Cybersecurity program and plan to graduate this coming May. I could not be more thankful for the endless learning opportunities and life changing educational experiences I have been granted during my time at WCC. I am excited about the prospects of sharing my knowledge during my upcoming career in the field of technology.
 Kyria-Aho Kyria Aho
When I moved to the USA, I had to start my college education all over again as most of the colleges did not accept my foreign credits. It was challenging at first but I am grateful for all the support I received from my family, friends, professors, and tutors. I discovered more about myself and the value of extracurricular activities. My dream is to help my country fight hunger and poverty. Through my group project I hope to gain more experience in fighting this issue so as to apply it later in my country.
 Kyrie-Philbrook Kyrie Philbrook
Ever since I was small, my father instilled in me the importance of compassion, empathy, and helping others. With these values held dearly to me along with my love of writing, I entered Westchester Community College in the hopes of becoming an English teacher. I wanted to help struggling high school students. However after my second semester, it occurred to me that I would only be able to help these children and young adults at school, and do nothing to tackle the issues they faced at home. This is when I decided to go into social work. I am very happy to be a part of the Kathryn Davis Scholars, and am excited to make a long-lasting impact that will benefit the community.I will be applying to transfer for the Fall 2015 semester, and will go on to receive my bachelor’s in social work. I then plan to acquire a dual master’s degree, in public administration and social work. I have big plans for what I would like to accomplish once I am done with school, a few of which include opening up my own practice for families and victims of domestic violence, opening a food pantry, and perhaps even opening up a domestic violence shelter.  I have worked with my fellow group of Davis Scholars on events and programs to share information about how to fight against sexual harassment, as I am a big advocate of woman’s rights.
 Loraine-Almeida Loraine Almeida
Originally from Brazil, I came to the U.S. in 2011 on an exchange program. Upon completion of my exchange program I decided to apply for a student visa and pursue my higher education in this country. I have been facing challenges ever since. I am a female from a developing country pursuing a degree in the sciences field. Many times I thought that would be impossible, and sometimes I still do. When I face a difficulty, I remind myself how far I have gone and I keep moving on. Perseverance and dedication have always paid back. Life has shown me, in many ways, that no matter how hard a situation may seem, there is always a way. I am passionate about nature and perhaps that is the reason why I fell in love with science. My goal is to use the knowledge I am acquiring in order to give back, to do something meaningful to the world. I also believe everything is connected: we are all one. Therefore, if I can help others, even if with a small act, I will be doing it for the entire world. I do not expect it to be easy, I just want it to be worth it. “Big ships don’t sail shallow waters.”
 Malgorzata-Kucwaj Malgorzata Kucwaj
Coming to the United States was not easy for me. I had to leave behind family, friends, and the life I was accustomed to. However, I was determined to make my living here and started to work on improving my English. Finally, in August 2012, I was ready to enroll in credit courses and education has become one of my main priorities and a necessity for my future goals. Since enrolling in credit courses, I have discovered that Westchester Community College is a wonderful place to learn and I have grown much more than I had imagined I would while attending college. The Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship is giving me an opportunity to get more involved in community work and I have improved my leadership skills.
 Maria-Rubin Maria Rubin“Dreams come true” is one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney, however it is a quote that has a price. To make my dreams come true, I took the first step to earn an education. I am from Ecuador, I came to the United States 12 years ago, and I am a mother of three wonderful boys. Many people ask me, how can you manage to be a mother and a full-time student and still have good grades? My answer always is, I just do it, I don’t think about the challenges, I just fight for my dreams. I want to practice what I preach to my children, I want them to be proud of my hard work, just as I am proud of them. Being a student at Westchester Community College has given me the strong foundation I need as part of my educational journey. I am working toward my dream which is to earn a degree in the health and science field. I am honored to have received the Kathryn W. Davis Scholarship award, which has given me the opportunity to serve my community and develop leadership skills.
 Nicole-Robertson Nicole RobertsonWestchester Community College has opened so many doors for me since I began classes here in 2011, and has continued to prepare me for my future. I am currently enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program, and I will be graduating in May 2015. From there, I plan to take my licensing exam in July, and continue my studies to become a clinical instructor. Being a part of this incredible group of people is such a great opportunity, and this experience has encouraged me to make the most of my last year here at Westchester Community College. It is allowing me to give back to my community which has already given me so much.
 Patchadapa-Pattarapanasakul Patchadapa PattarapanasakulI am originally from Thailand, a beautiful and great country, but I recognize that the American educational system is better than that in my home country. In the past, one of my uncles was able to graduate from an American College, and today, he has become a very successful man in his job and in his life. He became the main inspiration of my dreams: master the English language, graduate from an American College, better myself, and hopefully, give back to others. In February 2011, I came into the States for the first time as an au pair. Because of the language barrier, I struggled with communication. I started improving my English skills by taking ESL classes at Westchester Community College, my first American college. I received generous support from many professors as well as tutors. After two years of studying in ESL classes, my English was proficient enough to allow me to enroll into regular college classes, and that’s when my academic journey truly began.I am currently enrolled in my fourth semester as a full-time student. I was able to achieve a 3.92 grade point average. My educational plan is to graduate in the nursing program here at WCC. After that, two more years for my BA in Nursing and, finally, 27 months of a nurse anesthetist program.Looking back, I realize that my life so far has been a journey, with planned and unexpected turns of events, with hoped for and yet unrealized achievement. I am so honored and grateful for all the assistance the college has given to me, including the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship, which is not only supporting me in the accomplishment of my personal goals, but it will also, in the near future, benefit those people I will be able to help as a nurse.
 Rayane-Silva Rayane Silva I am Rayane Silva from Brazil. For the past year and half, I was involved with a English as a Second Language Program called Mentor ESL, through which I helped many people develop communication skills, writing and grammar. Most of them were over 40 years old, with bery limited English skills. It was amazing to see how much they improved semester by semester. From that experience, I could feel how good it is to help someone, even when you are not paid for it. I am very thankful for having received Kathryn Davis scholarship, which encouraged me to become involved with the community and make someone’s life better. Thanks for the opportunity!
 Sehrish-Nida Sehrish NidaI am a Nursing Student. I love my major and can’t wait to get my degree, which will be in less than a year. I am truly grateful to have gotten the Kathryn Davis Scholarship, which has been an excellent program, helping me learn a lot while helping others along the way. Thank you for this opportunity!
 tomcobb Thomas CobbAfter high school, I spent years avoiding college, eventually coming to my senses and enrolling at Westchester Community College. I’ve since come to truly value being a student. To make education my number one priority, I quit my job and became a student worker. Although this has put a financial strain on my life, I stand by this decision, as it has allowed me to learn and grow as an individual, as well as allow me to work with a diverse group of peers that I would not otherwise have been exposed to. Thankfully, the Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Scholarship has alleviated my financial woes and allowed me to concentrate on what truly matters: education.
 Wellington-Mackey Wellington MackeyMy greatest strength is my never-ending curiosity of the human condition. I am absolutely in love with the human race. I feel that if we could only appreciate each other for the remarkable beings we are, then we could probably solve most of our problems. I would like to conduct research within the intersection of the psychology and economics disciplines in order to formulate statistical benchmarks that will be more useful than the ones we employ today. That is why I would like to pursue a PhD level degree in behavioral economics.
WCC 7/29/14 Craig CodellaWestchester Community College is easily the most affordable school in Westchester County. I’ve been looking at tuition at four-year schools which needless to say is outrageous. I am glad I made the decision to come to WCC to get my Associates Degree and save a ton of money! This will benefit me when I transfer to a four-year school because I will only have to pay two years tuition for my Bachelors of Science. Getting involved opens so many doors for students and you make lifelong friendships along the way. Many people may think that because this is a commuter school that there is no social life on campus. Well, on the contrary, Westchester Community College’s social life is anything but boring! I am an executive member of WEB (the Westchester Events Board) and participate in three other clubs on campus. Getting involved opens so many doors for students and you make lifelong friendships along the way. One of my best memories outside the classroom is when the student events room in the Student Center was transformed into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where EVERYTHING was edible.
 WCC 7/29/14 Santiago MartinezIn my second semester I was encouraged to run for an officer position in Phi Theta Kappa honor society and got elected as vice president for the 2014-2015 academic year. I’m an international student from Colombia and here at Westchester Community College I have been given the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and nationalities…people that I would have never met in my home country. I’m currently pursuing a career in business administration. Being able to meet and learn from those from other cultures gives me the opportunity to be a more successful professional in the future. The social life on campus is great because there is a lot of opportunity to get involved in different clubs and events. There are clubs for all types of people depending on their culture or their interests. In my first semester, I joined the Global Business Club where I met good friends who shared the same interests.
 WCC 7/29/14 Emily BadilloI love that I can choose from classes at multiple campuses to better fit my schedule. Last semester, I took classes at the Yonkers Cross County location, which was an easy ten-minute commute from where I live. I have a lot of friends from all over Westchester that use the bus system and love how easy it is! I love that I can choose from classes at multiple campuses to better fit my schedule. One of the reasons I chose to start my higher education at Westchester Community College is because of its affordability. I recently received the Kathryn Davis Global Community Scholarship (thanks to the scholarship office) for this upcoming year, which will cover the cost of tuition and books. As part of this scholarship, I will be participating in a service project that will benefit my community. Westchester Community College is definitely a diverse campus. I have met international students from China, Columbia, Spain; students fresh out of high school; and continuing education students who are in their thirties.
aranda Steven Aranda

Westchester Community College has an impressive array of professors who interact with their students and are eager to teach, as well as students who truly want to learn. Working full-time has enabled me to better manage my time as a full-time student at the college. I joined the Making a Difference Club, becoming its Vice President and helping to improve the club. Our group wants to make a change and exhibit to the world how college students are able to become involved in their communities. Upon completion of my Liberal Arts/ Humanities/Math and Science Associate’s Degree, I intend to transfer into a Physician Assistant Program. I want to help others in a way that will impact them more than just volunteering. My mother was a nurse in her home country, and in a way I want to fulfill the dreams that she did not realize. I am in the honors program at school and a student ambassador. I hope to continue with my full-time job and my full-time studies in order to become the first of the family to complete college in the United States.
brown Al Brown

As an older adult student, I spent countless hours choosing my field of study. My research proved correct when I walked in my Ethnic and Cultural Diversity class. The ratio of women to men in that classroom was 8 to 1 and I was the only male enrolled in the degree program of Liberal Arts/Social Science. There is a great need for more males in the area of social work as there are a large number of men with a diverse set of social problems. It is a proven fact that men tend to feel less defensive and more receptive when dealing with other men. While no one person can solve all of the vast ills that these men face, I want to be an important and effective professional in service to my fellow human beings. With this in mind, I have embarked on the studies to complete my degree. Being given the Kathryn Davis Global Scholars award will help me achieve my goal of completing my education and assisting my fellow man in by becoming a valuable, productive citizen.
Devisha Bryan

During my early teen years my mother had health problems. This took a toll on her as well as our family. The woman who was my lifeline now needed me to be there for her. My high school years were spent learning, preparing for college, assisting my mother, and earning money to help cover the cost of her doctor visits and medications. My mother’s only wish was for me to graduate from college and become successful. My mother is my inspiration and motivation, and helping her through her illness has inspired me to want to assist others by entering the healthcare field. My goal is to become a registered nurse so I can aid others to overcome their illnesses and difficult times.
burnett Lee Burnett

I come from a family where education is important. As the child of a high school instructor, I’ve witnessed the sacrifice and dedication it takes to be a teacher, but I’ve also seen the momentous change a good teacher can help bring about in a student’s life. At Westchester Community College, I have had the enormous privilege of studying with teachers who understand the importance of that work. Since returning to academics after taking a year off, I have taken advantage of the many resources offered by Westchester Community College. In particular, through the Honor Society, I have enjoyed the
exposure to some of the brightest students and professors. I bring determination and love of learning to school with me. I don’t take education for granted; it has been a hard-won path for me and one I plan to help others travel.
flores Beatriz Flores

Westchester Community College has given me hope and faith. This college has given me the strength to pursue my studies and not let any obstacle prevent me from achieving my goals. Westchester Community College is like another world in which the faculty and counselors have a higher purpose: helping students. My goal is to enter the Nursing Program and to assist those in the less advantaged communities. As a bilingual nurse, I will be able to assist those in poor areas and better understand the instructions and information that the doctor is providing regarding their health. The Nursing Program at Westchester is a challenging one, however I know in the long run my hard work will pay off when I am able to help my patients to live productive,
healthy lives. At the college, I have encountered new challenges that will aid me in developing as a nurse and also as a human being. I will never regret coming to Westchester Community College.
fritze Delaneyah Fritze

I overcame many hardships when I was younger. Ultimately, I was able to obtain my GED. I went from job to job until I realized I needed to make a change and obtain my college degree. With much encouragement from my life partner, I enrolled in college and have no intention of stopping. As a member of the Honor Society, I have continued to succeed with my studies, am working with volunteer organizations, and cannot help but look forward to where I will go. My goal is to transfer to a four-year Bachelor program to study the sciences. I look forward to the day I walk across stage and receive my college diploma – the first in my family to do so. I have no doubt that I will succeed.
grandison Grant Grandison

In my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management, I have chosen to start my journey at Westchester Community College since it is one of the more reputable community colleges in the area. Partnering business management and marketing was a given for me as business studies have been my focus since high school and most of my jobs have centered around business. My goal after successfully completing my associate’s degree at Westchester Community College is to enroll in a four year university to complete my bachelor’s degree then seek employment with a major advertising agency. My dedication and determination are without question. This is my second attempt at obtaining my professional degree and I will succeed!
granja Vitor Granja

I am passionate about education and the mission of Westchester Community College. After moving from Brazil to the United States in 2008, I was determined to learn to speak English. I enrolled at Westchester Community College and successfully completed English as a Second Language courses.
Since enrolling in credit courses, I have become more active in the college community by joining a variety of clubs and activities. I have attained a strong grade point average which enabled me to join the Honors Program. My plans include applying to medical programs for minority students at Ivy League schools as well as applying for an internship at the World Health Organization. My ultimate goal is to become a primary care physician.
henao Sarah Henao

Enrolling at Westchester Community College was the best decision I ever made regarding my education. As a student, I have done pretty well so far. I earned a membership in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Some of my artwork was published in International Voices (an annual publication of written work and artwork from international students). I am hoping to take drawing courses in order to gain the skills necessary to become either an animator or illustrator. I have grown a lot more than I had imagined I would while attending college. I am becoming prepared to face an even bigger world ahead of me, a tougher road.
jefferson Grace Jefferson

Watching my parents make sacrifices for our family has changed me in many ways. It inspired me to take full responsibility for myself, including taking the responsibility to earn the money to pay for a college education. My parents have shown me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Quitting is not an option. I am receiving a college education because I know it can make a difference in my life as well as the lives of others. I will graduate from
Westchester Community College and continue my education so that one day I will make a difference in this world.
johnson Nhyira Johnson

My transition from high school to collegewas not an easy one. My parents and I disagreed on the path I should take for a career choice – they suggested Nursing due to the employment opportunities that would be available. My ultimate choice was to pursue a career in the performing arts. Choosing to take a semester off to discover the path I would take, I took classes at the local YMCA. It was there I realized that my life would not be centered on one path but many. The different paths would include my love of dance and performing arts as well as educating others on the health issues that affect African-American women. Ambitious and confident, I am ready to fulfill my dreams and become a successful member of society.
malcom Felicia Malcolm

Ever since I was child, I have been battling other people’s opinions. I was, and still am, bound and determined to prove them wrong. I am on my way toward becoming a successful and productive citizen. Thus far I have made great strides. Academically, my achievements include an award by the National Council of Negro Women. Also, I am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I will continue to succeed academically and will never lose sight of my goal to become a doctor (hopefully in pediatrics).
mcmillian Johnas McMillan

Though I had always had an interest in obtaining a college degree, my life as a single parent was most important. After many struggles and twists and turns in life, I have finally enrolled in college and can accomplish a personal goal that was set many years ago. Currently serving as a foster mom to
several children, I am also certified to help raise children in crisis. It is this very reason why I have chosen to enter the field of Child Psychology. This will enable me to better serve the children I raise and prove to them that perseverance can help one realize hopes and dreams. While it may have been a tough road getting here, I feel that I have a purpose in life. While the journey may not be an easy one, the end result will be well worth it!
meche Jeremy Meche

Being about a decade older than most of my classmates, I had no idea what to expect from college life. It was through the encouragement of my employers and colleagues that I came to Westchester Community College to pursue a degree as a pharmacist and this has helped me to excel. Working and living independently since graduating from high school has taught me the value of hard work and the cost of not having a higher education degree. I am currently enrolled as a full-time student while working two jobs. I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa, President of the Chemistry Club and a member of several other clubs. I have maintained a grade point average of 3.95. I am determined to become a pharmacist –I will make it a reality!
meeks Annette Meeks

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. When I was younger, I wanted a job in the beauty industry. My interest in makeup opened many doors for me. I worked with one of the country’s top fashion models and toured with an internationally-known reggae band. Having achieved that early success in
life, I decided to pursue a college degree and move on to a career in the visual arts. My future goals are to graduate from Westchester Community College then transfer on to earn a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree. My dream is to use my skills to continue my career. Westchester Community College is my first step toward achieving my goals.
munoz Zulima Munoz

Four years ago, I came to the United States from Panama as part of a Cultural Exchange Program. The family I was living with encouraged me to take classes at Westchester Community College in order to improve my English skills. I am now pursuing a degree in Office Technologies. As a student at Westchester Community College, I have been able to take advantage of the college’s many resources. I plan on taking full advantage of them to obtain my goal of a college degree. It’s my hope to transfer to a four-year institution.
peters Stephen Peters

After graduating from boarding school, I felt pressured to attend a four-year school. At that time, I was afraid to take risks and learn new things. I struggled with classes while at school and ultimately failed. It was after taking a short break that I chose to apply to and attend Westchester Community College. I was fearful due to my past experience, but I soldiered on. I am grateful for this opportunity to show my full potential as a student at Westchester Community College. Currently I am active with the Phi Theta Kappa chapter at the college and Philosphia – quite a change from my previous experience. I have refocused without the pressure of being away from home, am working through my requirements to attain a degree with distinction, as well as meeting the requirements for transfer to a four-year institution. The opportunities presented to me here at the college have helped me grow as an
individual and improve as a student.
diaz Besi Sanchez Diaz

Born and raised in a country that was underdeveloped but rich in culture, I overcame many obstacles and challenges in order to do my best to accomplish my goals. After a personal tragedy, I chose to come to the United States, leaving all I knew behind to seek a better education and a better life for myself and my family. Recognizing that I had to adapt to a new culture and learn English, I enrolled at Westchester Community College. My perseverance and thirst for knowledge have helped me to build a competitive grade point average. I have also become involved in many clubs and have dedicated myself to setting high goals and to improving my leadership skills. Education is a tool to produce changes in society. It’s my goal to utilize the knowledge obtained to become a neurosurgeon and ultimately join Doctors Without Borders to help other under-developed countries and communities. Receiving the Kathryn Davis Global Scholarship is giving me a reason to improve, work harder, get more involved and will give me the opportunity to demonstrate my capacity to produce changes in our society.
schaefer Alisa Schaefer

Education means a lot to me. Not just because it will enable me to succeed, but it will also enable me to speak out for myself and others. My education has helped me gain the courage to become more involved at school. I recently joined Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Beta Gamma, and the International Business Club. The professors at Westchester Community College have helped me tremendously. I really feel as if I am in the right place! After graduating, my plan is to transfer to a four-year college to obtain my Bachelor’s in Business Economics. I know I can achieve this goal.
scudieri Kristen Scudieri

My experience as a college student has been unique. After my first semester, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. This discovery answered a lot of questions about the challenges I faced as a student. Once I knew why learning was so difficult for me, I was able to move on and refocus my efforts at the college. I became even more involved in my studies and at the student newspaper, where I am now the Co-Editor in Chief. Realizations about my past have pushed me to set new goals and I now seek even higher standards for myself, in and outside of the classroom. I am looking forward to completing my studies here and then advancing on to a four-year institution to study engineering.
stafford Anthony Stafford

I like to think of myself as a professional student; a professional defined as being “a person following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain;” a student as “a person formally engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college.” I embody both of these definitions simultaneously as my education is my means to a gain; every day I increase the value of my human capital and enjoy doing so in the process. I have reached milestones in my education that I am very proud of and I have goals that will take dedication, commitment and sponsorship to achieve.
teetsel David Teetsel

As I struggled to overcome many challenges during my adolescence, I was determined to pursue education after high school in order to help others who needed support and encouragement. I am pursuing Human Services in order to learn more about assisting others. While I have maintained a 4.0 grade point average during my college career, I have also taken time to become involved in various student activities. For instance, I joined the Psychology Club and have enjoyed working with fellow students who share the same goals. Now that I have faced my struggles head on, I am looking forward to helping others learn to harness their energy in order to realize their true potential.
trapasso Michael Trapasso

I consider myself quite lucky to be able to attend Westchester Community College. It is providing me with some amazing opportunities for my future. While I have yet to decide on a future career, I am certain that my true interests will surface. One area of interest is education as I have worked with children during my early stages of employment. I enjoy being a role model and mentor for children. I look forward to continuing my studies at Westchester Community College and to contribute to society in the future.
villa Enrico Villa

For an introverted young man, a move halfway around the world to a new country was quite a challenge. So was returning to school after not being a student for over ten years. My first year at Westchester Community College was an exciting and rewarding one. I maintained a 4.0 grade point average, was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, and joined various clubs. For the first time in many years, I can finally say that I am no longer homesick. This is the place that I can finally call home.